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Dragon StormCon 2017 is a Real Thing!!

posted Mar 17, 2017, 12:55 PM by Tim Kennard   [ updated May 7, 2017, 9:04 PM ]

Dragon StormCon 2017 is a go and we are live. I have a website set up for the Con at this link:

Registration is now open. Event Registration is now open. Hotel Registration is now open. Please visit the website to get the ball rolling. We have lot of fun planned. We'd love to have you come be a part of it. :-)

CincyCon 2017 and New Cards

posted Feb 25, 2017, 11:25 PM by Tim Kennard

Less than a week away from CincyCon in Hamilton, OH. Things are looking very good. It should be an excellent convention. Several GM/Wardens will be running games to please any DS player, whether Classic, Hybrid, or 2.0. Veteran players will be there, and we hope to see some new faces, as well.

There are 3 new 2.0 sets and several new single cards. Here is the line-up:

Set 130 - Dwarf: This is the first new racial set since the Orc sets. Cards include Busting a Move, Dead Dwarf Walking, Dwarf Sight, Dwarf Warp Adaptation, Dwarven Muscles, Dwarven Stamina, Mountain Prowess, Nice Shot, and Underground Prowess.

Set 319 - Blackwind Blood Evolution: This is the first of the clan sets. Cards include Astral Cloud, Astral Strike, Blackwind Boost, Blackwind Surge One, Blackwind Surge Two, Blackwind Surge Three, Sense Astral Marker, Unexpected Strike, and Unseen Firebreath.

Set 328 - Unarmed Combat: This is the first set of unarmed combat cards. Cards include Brawler, Chop, Combo Attack, Disarm, Elude, Flurry Strikes, Get Behind, Get Inside, and Surprise Sprint. This set is intended only for humanoids, or shifted forms that appear humanoid, meaning having arms and legs. It is not intended for larger shifted forms like Boosted, Greater, or Prime; the only shifted humanoid forms they should be used with are the 1-point basic forms. It will be up to the GM/Warden to regulate this card. Allowing it to be used with larger forms or with non-humanoids would be quite unbalancing indeed. I wish I could have squeezed a sufficient explanation onto the cards, but it just wasn't possible without using microscopic font sizes. ;-)

And now, the Singles. These cards were originally in a beta Elethay set; but, it wasn't a complete set, and some of the cards aren't Elethay cards. So, I decided to get them into your hands as singles. They are:

Elethay Acolyte Background: This new background allows you to start a character as an Acolyte.
Elethay Acoltye: This is the anchor version which could be added to an existing character.
Elethay Worshipper: An existing character must be a worshipper before becoming an Acolyte.
Elethay Priestess: This boon allows an Acolyte to become a Priest/Priestess.
Regulate the Life: This card allows the voluntary and permanent donation of role playing points into an Elethay Altar to strengthen it, the Stone, and the Temple.
Tuning Ritual: From what we know of Draconic Lore and History, Temple Channel Stones were attuned to Plinths inside Clanholds and fed them power. This is the first Ritual card which outlines exactly how a stone is tuned for these purposes.

If you're in the Butler County area this coming March 3-5, stop by the Bulter County Fairgrounds and see us at CincyCon. We'd love to see you, even if just to vist. :-)


posted Dec 28, 2016, 4:33 PM by Tim Kennard   [ updated Feb 25, 2017, 11:30 PM ]

Origins 2017 Games Schedule Planning

posted Aug 27, 2016, 4:08 AM by Tim Kennard

Origins 2017 is opening up its scheduling process for games on September 1st. I will be submitting at least a skeleton for our Club that will have 4 tables running all 13 sessions. We hope to secure the Governor's Suite again for our games. It's perfect for us. But, to make my case for getting wite, we must get enough GM's to run 4 games per session for the entire convention to be able to justify the request. So, whether you want to run a Classic, 2.0, or Hybrid DS game, or some other system, like Sean running Iron Claw or his Pony event, please help fill in this sheet right away. Remember: if you run at least 4 games (16 hours), you get a free badge; if you run 8 games (32 hours), you can also get 1/4 of a room or $60 in vouchers. For those GM's who would run games but couldn't afford to attend, running 32 games would certainly make this more affordable. Plus, if 4 GM's all do this who want to room together, we'd have an all DS hotel room for their use. So, get your stuff in here right away. No time to waste. You must be a Guild member to run games under our official Origins Club banner.

Here is the link to the Google sheet:

Calling for Card Suggestions for the New Racial Sets

posted Jul 15, 2016, 10:56 PM by Tim Kennard

Hey, everyone! I am currently working on some brand new sets, one for each race. We already have the Orcs, but none of the other races have ever had a set that help define and individualize them. There have been individual cards published in the Classic and Deluxe cards, but nothing as yet in DS 2.0. So, I am working on the other 10 Races: Human, Farlian Elf, Ebony Elf, Das Karr, Foxwings, Dwarf, Canid, Tigrean, Vermite, and Vorn. We have a good start on Dwarf, Canid, Tigrean, and Vermite; but, we really need suggestions for the rest. If you'd like to be involved in the process, please submit your ideas for consideration. Here is the link for submitting card suggestions for the Racial Sets.

Just fill out the form for each card you are suggesting. Please be as specific as possible in giving your ideas, including as much info as possible on timing, card points, effects, card name, etc.

Origins 2016 Wrap-up

posted Jun 20, 2016, 7:07 AM by Tim Kennard

Had a great time at Origins 2016 in Columbus, OH. There was a great response to the game by new players. We many new players take part in our demo/intro games, many from the Columbus area. Thanks go out to all the Guild Wardens who ran events for us: Lee Gray, Ann Gray, Kerry Cook, and Sean McLane.

We have BIG plans for Origins 2017, already in the works. We hope to make it a huge event with 4 tables of games running for the entire 5-day convention. We will be submitting a schedule for next years games on September 1st. More information is coming soon!

New Sets Are In Production!

posted Jun 4, 2016, 12:19 AM by Tim Kennard   [ updated Jun 4, 2016, 12:23 AM ]

I have sent the new sets to the printer. All that's left is to await their arrival. If they follow their production history, I should have them in my hands no later than Thursday, June 9th. As soon as I do, I will make them available in the Online Store. Along with the 10 new sets, I also have the new 2.0 Starter Decks, and a number of Single Cards, as well. All of these have a new back design. Here's what it looks like:

Here is the list of Set and Singles that are in this production run.

 Sets Singles
 221 Gargoyle 2 Flashdance One (correction)
 231 Unicorn 2 Split Action
 241 Pegasus 2 Crack Shot
 261 Werecat 2 One Good Shot
 271 Griffon 2 Ring Ritual
 281 Wererat 2 Spectral Tattoo Artist
 291 Phoenix 2 Whisker Senses
 414 Useful Items 1 Healing Flash
 415 Useful Items 2 Mass Teleport
 806 Astral Magic 1 

The Flashdance One card is a corrected version. The original did not include the word "Range: Self." It was argued that it could be used on anyone as it was worded. So, I reprinted it with the additional language. Anyone who has that card may trade their incorrect versions in for this replacement, free of charge.

New Sets and Starter Deck Bundles Being Readed for the Printer

posted Jun 1, 2016, 8:24 PM by Tim Kennard

Well, we're finally there. I am putting the final touches on the order to submit to the printer for the new sets and the new DS 2.0 Starter Deck bundle. I'm also submitting a few cards that will be available as singles, the newest of which will be a Universal card called Whisker Senses. This card is usable by any form with Whiskers and provides a bonus to non-visual Perception rolls. I've very excited to get the new cards in production.

As I've stated before, I am not able to afford a Dealer's Booth at Origins. So, orders for the new cards must be placed online though the By Dragon Storm! link at the left, or by emailing your order to If you will be attending Origins, we will have tables for our games in the RPG area in the hotel meeting rooms, as usual. We are supposed to have all of our tables in the same room. We'll see if they actually made that happen. At any rate, if you place an order and will be attending Origins, you can pick it up from me at the Convention and avoid the shipping costs. If you're doing this, you must email your order. If you place it online, the shipping charges are automatically added in. As soon as the cards arrive from the printer, I'll make them available in the store and post the final list here so orders can be placed.

I hope to see you at Origins!

The New Sets are In the Store!!

posted May 17, 2016, 8:34 AM by Tim Kennard   [ updated Jun 12, 2016, 10:52 PM ]

The New Sets and Singles are in the store and available for purchase.

New Logo

posted May 1, 2016, 2:01 AM by Tim Kennard

I've been piddling around with a new guild logo for a long time.
Here is what I've decided on. Let me know what you think.

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