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"That's Edu-tainment,"  "Guide on the Side," "Ten Points" and "Reset the Mindset" are different titles for the same idea:
What is the attitude or mindset of the teacher of the future?  
What strategies can we use to become guides on the side?
Reset the Mindset (script)
What can we do in our classes to indivudalize the training?

Let's Lecture Less
No More Boring Lessons
How to use video in the classroom
Techniques for projects in the classroom
"Project-based learning"

Building Bridges with Penpals
Using Facebook and Skype in the Classroom
A workshop about how to safely connect your students with students and teachers in other countries.   
Teenagers can teach other teenagers a skill, such as their language.

Useful tools

"how to" edit videos

How to use cameras in the classroom

"how to" download videos from Youtube (free)  

How to make a training audio CD
pull the audio track off the video found on Youtube
People are more likely to listen to an audio CD (when studk in traffic) than to watch a DVD or to watch a video youtube.   
When we ask someone to watch a youtube video, we compete with the many things that the person could be doing on the computer.
When we hand someone an audio CD, we are not stealing time from the person -- we are asking the person to listen to the information while driving.
Turn drive time into learning time.

how to" download free music (royalty free, just mention the creator's name Rick Vanman, and send him a link to a copy of what you created and how you used his music)

I'm looking for teachers, students, principals and parents who are interested in learning about free materials on the Internet.  I have collections of ebooks that could be given to 6th grade students on a CD -- 200 books that they could eventually select for
reading over the next six years.  A similar CD could be given to parents of children in kindergarten or first grade.   For homes without computers, there are audio books in .mp3 format -- and an audio CD can hold perhaps 20 audio books in .mp3 format.    Households without technology can go to a friend's house or library and transfer the audiobooks to a device for listening (smart phone or ipod or mp3 player).  

I'm surprised that students who don't have a computer in their home often have a DVD ... so there are public domain movies -- there are even books on dvd that can be read by playing the DVD.  

Is your principal interested in any of these items?  I've downloaded them free -- I'd be happy to send a set to you to share with your colleagues.  I will be near your city (at some point), so I can drop by and give a set of workshops.   The workshops are free (as long as I can video my presentation).

954 646 8246  S. McCrea  

How to use Skype and Youtube in the classroom
How to connect students in two schools (A and B)
1.  Students in both schools make presentations on video.
2.  Students post their videos on youtube
3.  Send the youtube links to the other class.
4.  Students watch the videos and then make a Skype call.
5.  In the Skype call, students at school A ask students in school B about the presentations (then reverse).