Observations by I. Cortez   (not available at the workshop)

Algebra 2 -- I used to like Math.  When I came here from Colombia, math was the only thing I really understood.   That's because math is the same everywhere.

I didn't speak much English, so I got really close to numbers.  Then I got here and I'm studying Algebra 2 and it's ridiculous, bro.  

When in hell are we going to use this?  

Sick Kids and God  -- I ask myself, Why am I like this and not like that?   Questions like that go through my head when I was going to Aventura mall.

I saw these kids at Aventura mall, they were mentally challenged kids and they were at the food court eating.   I was thinking about how they say that we are supposed to be created in God's image. 

I would never want to be like that.   What if can't walk?   I couldn't feed myself or whatever.  But why did God do that?   Why does he make people who are not able to take care of themselves?    Don't you think it's unfair of him making those people like that, not in his image?   I'm not questioning him, I'm not judging him, he does what he does because ... he can do what he wants, obviously.

I'm curious to know that if we are made in his image, why is he going to unperfect humanity.  It's unfair, I can't deal with unfairness.

I've always had a problem with authority that takes advantage of their power.  For example I had a teacher in 7th grade for literture.  We had an open house, the parents are there.   She announced, "Tomorrow we have to write an essay," and I go, "Jesus Christ!"   so she turns around and tells me, "No, he hasn't come yet."  It was so rude.  
There are people like that who push you, they try you.     

How I would change school --  Do you remember that essay topic that we wrote about last week?   It was about what we would do if we could be in charge of a school.   I would fire all the teachers, get rid of the boring things, let students go on the Internet and let everyone know that there is a party in lab 2, and that's how we could learn.

People tell us what to do but they usually don't connect it to what we want to learn or what we want to do.

Written by  Ines Cortez

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