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The Evening School (Community School)

The wording on this page is a proposal.  It is not official.

Every high school has the potential for offering free courses to parents and others in the community.  The courses might not be "for credit," but the courses will often open doors.  

Parents who continue to learn, who are lifelong learners, show teenagers that learning continues after we leave high school.   "Oh, finally, I'm finished with high school!  Now I can relax and kick back!"

Well... you might want to read some of the advice given by lifelong learning coaches like Pat Harris  phmovingforward@bellsouth.net and mentors like John deGroot, who visits our school at least twice a month.

If you want to set an example for young people, come to the Community School and share some of your talents and knowledge.  

The Community School costs very little (pen, paper and your time) but it is NOT free because volunteers make it happen.  You can contribute time as a way of paying for your free courses that you participate in.

There are many ways to use the Community School.  

a)  You can use the computers to visit recommended video sites and websites that provide tutorials
b)  You can benefit from the services that have linked with our school.  The school has partners in the community (mental health facilities, food banks,  ) and you can meet with advisors and learn about the resources available in our neighborhood.
c)  You can meet with mentors who can share their skills with you.
d)  You can become a mentor.

If you have a skill that you want to share, please volunteer as an instructor or a coach or mentor.  Please provide suggestions of websites that provide skills.
TEENAGERS:  You can be mentors, too.  Young mentors offer "reverse internships" to older people who lack skills that you have.   If you know how to make a website or put videos on youtube, you have a skill that many adults don't have yet.

Please send suggestions to Steve at SteveMathTeacher@gmail.com.

The idea for Communitiy Schools is popular in England.

England also has a strong tradition for non-traditional schools, such as the Open Universityj.

The Community School (the Evening School) 

What are community schools? (a video from youtube)

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