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survey FIRST

To Start: Please take this short survey

(1) “The teacher knows what I should be learning.”

Circle one: agree not sure disagree

(2) The teacher should teach us information about what’s going to be on the test.

Circle one: agree not sure disagree

(3) Students should listen, take notes and then ask questions.

Circle one: agree not sure disagree

(4) The best way to learn is to listen carefully to the teacher.

Circle one: agree not sure disagree

Write at least two sentences to reply to the next three statements. You can use another page.

(5) Describe the way or ways that you like to learn something new:

(6) Lectures are sometimes boring, but they are better than reading the textbook.

(7) When lectures are boring, teachers should use bright colors and pictures

Survey: Please give your opinion about these statements and answer the questions. If you don’t want to write your answers, you can work with a partner (who can write what you say) or you can dictate your response to a teacher. You can also send the response by email to VisualAndActive@gmail.com.

(This survey was given to middle school students. For results of the survey, visit VisualandActive.com.)