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English and Writing
Zora Neale Hurston is considered one of the pre-eminent writers of twentieth-century African-American literature. Hurston was closely associated with the Harlem Renaissance and has influenced such writers as Ralph Ellison, Toni Morrison, Gayle Jones, Alice Walker, and Toni Cade Bambara.
"I have the nerve to walk my own way, however hard, in my search for reality, rather than climb upon the rattling wagon of wishful illusions."
     - Letter from Zora Neale Hurston to Countee Cullen

Projects for Teenagers (and others)     Questions:   TheEbookman@gmail.com

1) Sunrise Poems youtube channel    youtube.com/sunrisepoems
We encourage students to share their favorite words. We want your poems, speeches and lyrics. You can recite whatever you want to recite. Don't use recent music in the background (youtube does not allow copyrighted music in the videos). Hold the camera VERY still or place the video on a tripod.
For example, the lyrics to a commercial were:
... you give a little love and it all comes back to you
you're gonna be remembered for the things that you say and do
  (from a cola commercial)
We invite you to record a poem or read the lyrics of your favorite songs or speech. If you see a poem that you like, find the words on a website, or type them or write them on paper, then point the camera at the words and read with feeling.
Point your camera at the lyrics, read them with emotion, and upload the video to your youtube channel. Then send the link to us and we'll download your video and paste it on our channel. (We like to use ZAMZAR dot com). Send us your suggestions at TheGuideontheSide AT gmail dot com.  MORE

2)A  Very Cool Sites.com  verycoolsites.com
Recommend useful websites to the readers
a)  give the name of the website
b)  explain why the site is useful.   Include your email address if you want to receive a copy of the ebook 
State "yes" or "no":  Do you want your email address listed as the reviewer of the website?

2)B  I Saw It On Youtube.com  isawitonyoutube.com
a)  Describe several interesting videos and recommend them to the readers.
b)  Explain why the videos are useful.   Include your email address if you want to receive a copy of the ebook 
State "yes" or "no":  Do you want your email address listed as the reviewer of the videos?

one minute version

40 second version
Call me.  954 646 8246 I'm in Fort Lauderdale
40 seconds is too long to sit, i know...

Project 1: a book with 3000 websites -- educational and cool.
Project 2: I saw it on Youtube. I have 1500 videos and I need another 500. Can you suggest some cool and useful videos for me? DEADLINE Let's say October 15 to get your attention.
the project will be published on a just in time printer like LULU. If you want to be a contributor, let me know. +1 954 646 8246

3)  PROJECT 3: Solarhigh.org needs interpreting by your generation. 
If you prefer to BE IN A MOVIE (instead of just passively watching a movie), then contact me and I'll give you the engineer's contact info. Or you can go to solarhigh dot org and figure it out yourself.

4)  Youtube videos to China and Iran  
Use zamzar.com to download interesting videos
Burn the videos to DVDs
Mail the videos to students in other countries that don't get easy access to youtube.com
To get addresses of these students, contact Mr. Steve  
Novin Shahroudi <mng.n.2006@gmail.com>   ask for his favorites

5)  Carousel, an online magazine by Novin 
Here are the topics for a future issue of the magazine:
1.  Write about an interesting tradition in your culture.
2.  Write about a holiday
3.  Write about a problem in your city and suggest a solution.
4.  Write about the TUNA PROBLEM and how we should act.   
Novin Shahroudi <mng.n.2006@gmail.com>

6)  Penpals around the world.  (Building International Bridges)
a)  You can contact them on Mr. Steve's Penpal Page
b)  You can connect by Skype  SteveEnglishTeacher  (I'll send you my contacts who want to practice conversation)
c)  You can connect with students who are serious about learning more English.  Link with Mr. Steve's contact list of English Students on Facebook  TLASteve@gmail.com
If you make these connections, you can apply for community service hours from BuildingInternationalBridges.org.  Call +1 954 646 8246 to learn more.

Other projects appear on LAF

Build a model of the Space Shuttle
Build a model of the NEXT GENERATION of space vehicles

Create videos for a cool project called SolarHigh.org

Social Studies  (History and Culture)
Should marijuana be legalized?
Give FOR and AGAINST arguments
Describe the HISTORY:  How did marijuana become illegal?

Cuba:  What will probably happen?
What do we want to happen?
What does Mr. Mario want to see happen?

Make a list of the 100 most important poems (according to Mr. Mario)
to understand the history and culture of the USA.

Math is Everywhere.   Put math into each of these projects

Write an autobiography
From Repo Men (2010), Jude Law's character writes:
So what am I writing?  This is not a crappy memoir or an attempt to apologize for what I've done.  This is a cautionary tale.  I hope that you might learn from my mistakes.  In the end, a job is not just a job.  It's who you are.    If you want to change who you are, you have to change what you do.

TIPS from a writing coach
Here’s a collection of questions I’d assembled as a writing coach – each one designed to force journalists to think about what they are doing and why BEFORE they put fingers to keyboard:
1.) Who is going to read your story?
2.) What makes it interesting?
3.)Is your story “good” news or “bad” news for your reader?
4.) What will this story to and for your reader? 
5.) Does your reader NEED to know the facts in your story?
6.) Did you enjoy producing this story?
7.) Will your reader enjoy reading it – all the way to the end?
8.) Will the material in your story make your reader’s life better or worse?  
John deGroot
The seven global skills of Tony Wagner of Harvard  CCCC AA I   can you name them?
Projects are the lifeblood of an education.
Teachers of the future will seek new projects to share with their students.

Here are four animated teachers who have motivated students.
if you are a teacher or a student, contact these teachers and ask to be linked with some of their students.
a) list your goals
b) describe your dream (give your website that describes the dream)
c)  what will you be doing 5 or 10 years from now (maybe)
d) lsit your email contact and skype name
e) give your lsit of favorite books and music (maybe some theme songs)

This is my list
a)  get my Ed.D. doctorate so I can have some letters after my name and get "guide on the side" into more schools.
b)  BuildinginternationalBridges.org  I want to  
c)  Ten years from now, I'll be traveling and teaching teachers (and observeing to learn from them, too)
d) theguideOnTheSide@gmail.com  SteveEnglishTeacher (SKYPE)
e)  to dream the impossible dream (man of la mancha)
every line across my face, tells you the story of who I am (Brandi Carlyle, the Story)
How do you handle a problem like maria? (sound of music)
Life is maze .... (lenka)
a million different ways to go 

So, students and teachers, contact these teachers and start collaborating:
-- dennis yuzenas oxbridge <dyuzenas@oapb.org>,  <<< workign at a new school with teenagers -- his studnets could be BIB penpals with your students  (Jeff, Mario, Will)

 jeff hutt yahoo <jwhutt@yahoo.com>,   <<< creating a dynamic language school (either his own or transforming his current employer into a worldclass lang. school and center of self-discovery and adventure)   he gets studnets form Europe and S America, some from Aisa, and they could be penpals with your studnets.

Mario Ven Now Llorente <venomnow@gmail.com>  <<< surviving the world's second worst place to work
he has able Haitian studnets who have seen more of life in 20 years than I will see in 80 years

Will Sutherland <ws@qbeglobal.net>  <<< creating a school on sailboats
his students are 18-20 (and possibly 16-18) and he's got the first Brooks Emeny Memorial Digital Library onboard his boats.   QBESchools.com   QBEAcademy.net

I hope we can get the five of us together sometime...   Please email each other with a description of your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities...  let's see how we can collaborate

Current project by Steve:  I'm recording stories with my uncle.   I'm interviewing him about every major city that he's visited and has found memorable.  I see a CD or set of CDs that bring cities to life for students.   Lebanon in 1955   LA in the 1970s    Arkansas in 1944
This set of CDs is available -- write to TheGuideOnTheSide.com and I'll arrange for the mp3 files to be placed in a DropBox. I'll give you copies of the audio cd when I visit your school/city.

I believe there is an educated person's "performance of understanding" about the world around us.   Dr. Wagner is certainly capable of that, he's an able story teller (communicate) and he has shown how to adapt to new situations (agility).   

The seven global skills of Tony Wagner of Harvard  CCCC AA I   can you name them?

Steve McCrea,  SGSA

creativity and imagination
critical thinking  

initiative and entrepreneuring

access and Analyze infromation
agility and adaptabiilty.

it's a good exercise to list the 7 global skills.   I encourage you all to inculcate the 7 first by listing them, then by encouraging studens to list   4 Cs  2 As  one "eye"

when you can do this, you are a 7 global skills advocate  (SGSA)

part of entrepreneuring is learing how to influence people in a postivit ve way, to bring out the best in them and part of entrepreneuring is learning how not to do things on your own.

PROJECT:  Internet Skills (click HERE)

This list appears on GuideontheSide.com

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