Free Workshop for Teachers

Dear Director of School (Principal):

I have an animated training program called "That's Edu-tainment" that focuses on teacher motivations and hands-on use of digital portfolios and ebooks.   It can be delivered as a lecture / workshop, but I prefer a different format (see below).

Here is how I integrate digital portfolios and ebooks into a classroom:   

I believe training has to be differentiated and individualized -- one-size-fits-all training =  probably leaves most people out (an observation by Dennis Littky).   

My mentors are Dennis Yuzenas in Palm Beach County and Littky, the guy who wrote the book THE BIG PICTURE:  Education is Everybody's business   I did a ten-minute documentary about Littky.... it's on youtube  SEARCH:  Dennis Littky small schools

I offer a free training program.  I'm experimenting with the following format:
1)  distance Ed for the first part (some reading, some audio CDs and a couple Youtube videos).   (no more than 10 minutes of scanning for interest)
2) check in by telephone before the face to face meeting, one-on-one with the participating teachers  (3-5 minutes by phone, more if the teacher finds the talk interesting)
2)  in person visit, meeting with small groups  or one-on-one (5-10 minutes) .. a series of short meetings
4)  follow up by email and/or one on one by phone.    (as needed, perhaps two phone calls of 3 minutes each).
If the teacher wants to talk about technology in the classroom and the use of digital portfolios and ebooks, I'm ready.

The aim:  How to bring out the guide on the side to balance the sage on the stage.  Many teachers know how to deliver the sage -- excellent delivery of lectures.  How do we teachers come up with facilitating, differentiating guide on the side?  Please visit and see if there is a match.   

I'm interested in giving the free workshop at a time convenient to you and your teachers.   It does not have to be a formal training day, since I can do the face-to-face session one-on-one when the teachers want the interaction.

The goal is to identify "what would you like to do as a teacher?"  and if there is something that I know, I'll share how I handle the situation.   The goal is especially to integrate technology as a part of the mission.

Can we talk about how this training can come to your school?   I'm offering a professional development program that is tailored to the teacher and will cost only the teacher's time.

Steve McCrea   954 646 8246  

The essence of one training session is "what quotations inspire you?  how do those quotations change the way you organize your classroom?"

I share my "best practices" about how I "light a fire." 

I expect to learn something new from your teachers, which is why I'm doing this process for no charge.  I want to become a better teacher.

Free Materials.

See the website

Let's Lecture Less (an article)

Theory to Practice   12 Quotes >>> procedures
What procedures do we get from these quotes?

Theory to Practice in a book "Bigger than Brazil"

Theory to Practice (Power 1)  "Transfer some power to students" -- the classroom is an office.  Do you ask the office manager if you can go to the restroom? 

(Power 2)

Series of Quotations

Example of a Workshop (if you are looking for a "talk to the group" type of seminar)
"I like the dinosaur quote because I relate my teaching to what the students know..."

Part B-2

Part B-3

Part B-4

Part B-5

Watch these videos to prepare for the workshop
(it's really a series of individualized one-on-one sessions by phone, email and in-person)

Yuzenas talks about digital portfolios

What does a digitally integrated classroom look like?

Dennis Yuzenas talks about BOREDOM in schools

Dennis Littky, author of THE BIG PICTURE

with Jeff Hutt

Are you ready for more?

Enrique Gonzalez (1)  Make every class different
In middle school, you need to help them find their passions.
"Try it, kid.  If it doesn't work, we'll try something else."
Use interest inventories ... plug them into XBox (food or fun)
The kids are excited.
Get rid of bells... and eventually get rid of periods.
Create an environment of excitement.
One day, there is no instruction.  Get advisors 
"I'm going to email you the advisor's handbook."  Build the personalization.   The Personal History Book (we take a hardened kid, 2nd grade racing level)... trace your history back to where you can (Mexico, Africa, wherever).  "Hey, this is fun."  Hey, I did have dignity in my family.  

Enrique Gonzalez (4)   Tour of his school in October 2009

End of the visit with E. Gonzalez October 2009

The background noise makes it a bit difficult to hear, but Enrique talks about the role of Deming.  There is a rap in the background...

Are you interested?  Mr. Gonzalez is part of Nightingale Middle School in Los Angeles (as of January 2012) and he is working with the community to transform the school -- a process called D3 (Dream, Design, Do).  Learn more

This is how I taught before I included digital portfolios    I talk about the need for an Individual Education Plan (and goals) starting at 8:15 minutes in the video.
"I need a specific goal."

We prepare them for a place that doesn't prepare them for a place.

Big Picture Learning's promo:  "A Good School connects...  teaches...  your interests ..."