Grade System

This is a draft system.  Talk to me about creating a special grading system for you.   Special systems will be more challenging.   954 646 8246   Mr. Steve
What does the weekly sheet look like?

I count up your points on Thursday night.  You will have the points on Friday.   

Friday is a FEDEX day

You positively must deliver something to the group by the end of class.

You decide how you will deliver the information.

a) email message
b) video message
c) send a photo

Read about FED EX day (by Daniel Pink)

or listen to Dan Pink's lecture

The camera guy at 3:30 in the video says..."I'm going to use this idea ______________"

Friday**                   18        
Week 2
Mon                        18
Tues                        18
Weds                     18
Thurs                      18


Total points              90

Oh, no!  What can I do!?  
Do more work next week
Do extra activities

**= from the previous week

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