About Me

My name is Kelly Sturken, and I draw a lot. 

I am an aspiring webcomic artist/colorist/author. 

I write and draw my own comic series Semi-Charmed (click the tab at the top for more information). 

Most of the comic-based art I produce is humor related, with a fair amount of fantasy or sci-fi thrown into the mix. I like the idea of dragons and aliens facing the same problems ordinary humans do, because I feel it makes for a quirky sort of humor and fun characters. 

Coloring is a major part of my work. It's actually my favorite step in any piece I work on. In fact, I would love to be paid to color comic books. 

As for the author thing, I currently have three major story ideas. The first is an epic fantasy series (Starting with The House of Claw), with short stories from the same world collectively called Tales from Karama (the name of the universe). A science fiction series, Ghost of Atlantis, which spins the idea of Atlantis as an alien world ruled by a totalitarian government. The third story idea is still being revised, but  it's a science fiction spin on angels. Tentatively named Divine Matters, iinvolves an alien race that crash lands on Earth in pursuit of the usurper of their government. 

Most of my non-comic related art has been creating illustrations for these three works. 

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