News and events

  • July 11 - Lanterns HUD Version 1.6 distributed
  • June 27 - Wlfric Gausman left the group
  • June 23 - DrewTenma ejected from the group and removed as author for The Green Lanterns blog
  • June 20 - Green Lantern base removed from the Phantasien sim, new headquarters established in the AfterLife sim
  • June 13 - Kathryn Galtier rejoined the group, blazeburns30 and tehckisnow left the group
  • June 6 - blazeburns30 and Doll McKeenan joined the group
  • June 7 - DrewTenma added as author for The Green Lanterns blog
  • May 30 - Eve Dejavu, Miraculous Rae, Panther121, and Phantom Ninetails joined the group
  • May 28 - Linden Lab raised the group limit for Premium accounts to 60
  • May 23 - Celika311, Panther121, and Elusiasilverweb joined the group, and Kellykat88 left the group (possible account deletion)

  • January 28 - Created Mentor page Cyber Security for Second Life
  • November 21 - Created The Green Lanterns Facebook page
  • November 16 - Started Saturday meetings of The Green Lanterns
  • November 9 - Invited 21 members of the Red Lantern Corps to join The Green Lanterns. The Red Lantern group leadership was unable to continue with training due to real life commitments.
  • November 4 - The Green Lanterns, along with other anti-griefer groups, conducted an extremely successful anti-griefer operation in the Barbarossa sim. The operation ended with the banning of at least three griefers who had been attacking the Barbarossa residents for months.
  • October 23 - Removed Concord, Lexington and No Man's Land from the patrol board because LL has deleted them. Added Social Island 1, Social Island 2, and Social Island 3 to the board.
  • April 6 - RoseRed Ruby joined the group
  • January 28 - Ender Woodin joined the group
  • January 2 - Zoeymv Resident joined the group
  • December 30 - Mickey Wizardly joined the group
  • December 23 - Davvek Suun Ki and Tess Wytchwood joined the group
  • December 2 - RuaelleLionheart and Vardasilver Spearsong joined the group
  • July 8 - Christy Rain and Igatso Xaris joined the group
  • July 7 - Wraith Fride joined the group
  • June 3 - AlmostThere Inventor, Crayvan Resident, Igatso Xaris, and Swellow12 Resident joined the group
  • March 25 - Frank Lincoln joined the group
  • February 11 - Xymbers Slade joined the group
  • January 22 - Rebuilt the base in The Unknown Country to stretch across two parcels
  • January 8 - Jack Abraham joined the group
  • January 1 - Mageus Farspire joined the group
  • December 25 - Jaiden Danick joined the group
  • December 13 - MartianManhunter Resident, Supreme SecretSpy, and Wissler Wrigglesworth joined the group, Emiley Tomsen promoted to Guardian
  • December 8 - Green Lantern base removed from the Overtambo sim, new headquarters established in The Unknown Country, part of Aftermath
  • December 3 - Established a page for The Green Lanterns on the Second Life wiki
  • December 2 - Green Lantern base removed from This Island Earth. New headquarters established in the Overtambo sim
  • November 9 - BilliAnn Bravin, Lantz Skytower, and WriterOfPoetry Oceanlane resigned and removed both Warrior's Bar and the Green Lantern base (as well as the other Lantern bases) from This Island Earth
  • October 18 - Ex-griefer Deadly Codec died today of complications from AIDS
  • October 17 - Emilie Wylder joined the group
  • September 26 - Chad Kaptane joined the group
  • September 26 - First meeting in our base in This Island Earth after the Xigola parcel was scheduled to be removed
  • September 10 - Added new Public Service page to the website
  • September 9 - Emiley Tomsen, hujack Dastardly, and Hal visited Lestat Cazenove and members of the "Oa - Setor Zero" Brazilian Green Lantern group. Lestat expressed interest in joint group meetings and patrols with us, and invited us to visit his Green Lantern parcel.
  • August 29 - First meeting in our new base in Xigola
  • August 22 - hujack Dastardly joined the group
  • August 22 - WriterOfPoetry Oceanlane joined the group
  • August 22 - Jack Abraham donated a Signal Device script to the group
  • August 21 - Abbi Sorbet donated male and female uniforms to the group
  • August 15 - Hal spent some time in the Ahern Welcome Area evaluating reports of verbal abuse. Although there was some drama in voice chat, the biggest problem seemed to be the lack of available help for new residents.
  • August 15 - Hal and Rod spent some time in the Hyannisport sim evaluating reports of verbal abuse. Some mild abuse was seen but it may have been consensual.
  • August 15 - While trying to drop an application notecard into Emilie Wylder's IM window, Hal accidentally dropped the notecard on Brazilian Green Lantern LadyKitty Aristocrat, who promptly applied for membership
  • August 15 - Emilie Wylder joined the group
  • August 15 - This website was created
  • August 8 - Ookamisuke Babenco was removed from membership due to leave of absence
  • August 8 - Emiley Tomsen joined the group
  • August 8 - Green Lantern base was established at Dark City, Xigola
  • July 25 - The Green Lanterns "Rebirth" meeting to get the group active again