Green and White Fridays
Every Friday wear your green and white or any SRU gear to show support for your school. We all take pride in our university and this is one way we can show it!

Fight Song and Alma Mater
Students are encouraged to know the Fight Song and Alma Mater to sing proudly at SRU Events. After each football game, stay to sing with the band and the football team to show our respect for the Rock!
Rub the Rock
Some of the rocks on campus have special signifcance as this tradition goes. As you pass the big rock in the middle of the quad or the evolving rocks spanning from the Jack C. Dinger Education Building to Weisenfluh, give them a rub! Good luck will be yours on  an upcoming test, speech, or presentation!

Hello Tradition
With roots back to the founding of the university, the Hello Tradition encourages all students, faculty and staff to say “hello” as they pass one another. This is just one way to make campus a friendlier place and to brighten someone’s day.