Fight Song and Alma Mater

Alma Mater
Where the Slippery Rock Creek wanders
With her sparkling falls,
There in stately grace and beauty,
Stand old S.R. Halls
Sing her praises, loud resounding,
Speed them on their way;
We'll be true to thee, Oh, S.R.
True for aye and aye.
All they halls the day in dying
Crowns with golden light,
And the morn with waking splendor
Greets thee in thy might
Long may you, our Alma Mater,
Shed your light abroad,
As your loyal sons and daughters
Live for you and God.


Fight Song
Go Green and White Team
This will be our day
Rock pride is resounding
We will win the fray
Our team is fighting
Courage to the core
Rock Pride is mountng
SRU forever more!
Ooh Rock ooh Rock SRU
Ooh Rock ooh Rock SRU
Gooooooo Rock!