Heads of School
Cavoura Irene, Ms (Operations)
Irene is Greece's Honorary Consul in Glasgow. She has taught for many years adult learners at the Department off Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) at the University of Glasgow.

Pitticas Nondas, Mr (External Affairs)
Nondas is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Business & Enterprise of the University West of Scotland. Details about his activities and professional affiliations can be found on

School Committee
Kyriacou Nicolas, Mr (Treasurer)
Lada-Kontakou Carolina, Ms (Secretary)
McEwan Natalie, Ms (Chair)
Pitticas Nicola, Ms
Cavoura Irene, Ms (ex-officio)
Mitchell Marcus, Dr Rev (ex-officio)
Pitticas Nondas, Mr (ex-officio)


Bekas Nikolaos,Mr

Nikolaos comes from Epirus. He is a graduate in Classical Philology/Classics from the University of Ioannina. Moreover, he holds a certificate of postgraduate studies: ‘Social Pedagogy and Battle Against Youth Violence and Bullying’ from the Universities: Universita’ degli studi di Padova & Universita’ Ca’ Foscari Venezia. Nowadays, he is a postgraduate student at the University of Strathclyde in the course: ‘MEd Educational Leadership’. Nikolaos has more than twelve (12) years teaching experience in Greece and the last year in Scotland as well. Furthermore, between the years 2013-2016 he was managing his preparatory private school in Ioannina (namely: “frontistirion”). It is noteworthy to mention that between the years 2009-2013 Nikolaos was working as a Research associate in a number of educational projects, at the University of Ioannina. Nikolaos came in Glasgow in September 2016 and he joined the Greek & Cypriot Society in Glasgow. He is also a member of the dance club ‘Glasgow Hellenic Dancers’. 

Kiourktzoglou Rodi, Ms

Rodi was born in Athens. She graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 1992 in the department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology with a major in Psychology. Since then she has tutored children of all ages in Greece. Since 2010 Rodi has been working with children and adults in Abu Dhabi and Washington D.C. teaching them Greek as a mother tongue and a second language for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek. She has been living in Glasgow since August 2017. 

Mariatou Aikaterini, Ms

Katerina was born in Athens and lived in Kythira. She studied Greek Philology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2003), with specialization in Byzantine and Modern Greek, and worked as a private tutor for more than fifteen years. Now she is a postgraduate student in MEd Educational Studies at the University of Glasgow.

Papalexandropoulou Giota, Ms

Giota was born in Didymoteicho, Evros. As a child of a military officer she grew up all over Greece but stayed most of her years in Patras. When she was 5-6 years old, she lived in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she went to an American-English primary school, learning English almost as her native language. She studied Primary Education at the University of Patras and obtained her MSc degree in Psychology from the University of Glasgow. She has been a private tutor in Patras for 4 years, teaching primary and secondary school students. She has also taught English and Greek as a foreign language. Moreover, she has been a dance teacher in Greece, teaching modern and traditional dances to primary school children, and a Zumba instructor to both children and adults for 4 years. She is currently working as a supply primary teacher in East Ayrshire Council. She has been living in Glasgow since September 2017.

Maousidou-Vozika Elisavet, Ms

Elisavet was born and grew up in Thessaloniki. She earned her Bachelors` degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Philosophy, having specialized in Ancient and Modern Greek Literature as well as in Classical Archaeology. During her studies she did her internship in the “State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki” organizing educational sessions for primary and secondary school students. After her graduation in 2009, she started her career as a teacher in Private Education. Since then, she has tutored primary, secondary and high school students, preparing them for their examinations. She has acquired certifications from various seminars specialising in Educational and Psychological Aspects of Learning Disabilities.  Elisavet lives in Glasgow since 2014 and joined the Greek school of Glasgow in September 2014. She teaches Greek as a mother tongue and as a foreign language to students of all ages. She is very interested in Music and Art and she has studied classical guitar and classical piano for 10 years. She is also an active member of the dance club “Glasgow Hellenic Dancers”, participating in various festivals and ceremonies.

Velentza Sofia, Ms

Sofia was born in Agrinio and grew up in Athens. Since August 2013, she has been living in Ayr, South Ayrshire, with her husband and their 4 daughters. She is a full service secondary teacher in South Ayrshire Council, teaching Social Studies, Economics and Psychology within BGE and National Qualifications. I also do supply and support teaching when needed.  She has studied Sociology in Panteion University of Political & Social Studies (Athens, 1999).  She also holds a Master Degree in Education (Patras, 2012) and a Postgraduate Diploma in ‘Development of Child in Social Environment’ (Patras,2003) both from the School of Humanities of the Hellenic Open University. Furthermore, she holds a College Certificate in ‘Public Relations & Communication’ (Athens, 2006), and a Certificate of Continuing Learning in ‘The role of NGO’s in design welfare provision services’ from the Hellenic Ministry of Health & Welfare’ (Athens, 2003).

Sofia has also acquired certificates from various seminars and workshops specialising in Education and Social Policy and she has completed the full of the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses provided by South Ayrshire Council, upon Learning, Teaching and Classroom Management.  She has been working as a research and management associate in a number of educational and welfare projects for children in vulnerable groups, children with special needs and abilities, parents, university students and professionals.  Several of her papers have been announced in international and local conferences and published in  magazines of social and  pedagogical interest.  Furthermore, she is a member of GTCS (General Teaching Council of Scotland), 169395/26.08.2016, PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme, Scotland), SSTA (Scottish Secondary Teachers Association) and Hellenic Sociological Association, reg no 1228/21.06.1999.


(Tsilfidou Christina, Ms)
Christina served at the School from September 2013 to June 2017. During her time in Scotland, among her many initiatives, the most notable work was a research she carried out in collaboration with the TEG Brussels, regarding the quality in education at community schools.  The work was accepted at the 26th International Forum of Greek Educators in 2016 and can be read here.

H Χριστίνα φοίτησε στο «Τμήμα Επιστημών Προσχολικής Αγωγής και Εκπαίδευσης» του Αριστοτελείου Πανεπιστημίου Θεσσαλονίκης. Απέκτησε μεταπτυχιακό δίπλωμα στη «Συνεχιζόμενη Εκπαίδευση», με ειδίκευση στο Κίνητρο Επίτευξης των εκπαιδευτικών πρωτοβάθμιας εκπαίδευσης, από το τμήμα  Εκπαιδευτικής και Κοινωνικής Πολιτικής του Πανεπιστημίου Μακεδονίας. Επίσης, φοίτησε στο τμήμα «Ισπανική Γλώσσα και Πολιτισμός» του Ελληνικού Ανοιχτού Πανεπιστημίου.  Το 2000 συμμετείχε επιτυχώς στο διαγωνισμό του ΑΣΕΠ για εκπαιδευτικούς και από το 2001 έως το 2013 εργάστηκε ως νηπιαγωγός στη δημόσια εκπαίδευση. Το 2013 αποσπάστηκε στο Ελληνικό Σχολείο Γλασκώβης και στο Ελληνικό Σχολείο Εδιμβούργου. Εργάστηκε στο Ελληνικό Σχολείο Γλασκώβης ως το 2017 διδάσκοντας την ελληνική γλώσσα ως μητρική και ως δεύτερη/ξένη γλώσσα σε παιδιά και ενήλικες μαθητές.

(Vasilaki Popi, Ms)
Popi served at the School from September 2013 to June 2017. She has now returned to her home town of Rethymnon in Crete, where she has been successful in securing a doctoral research post carried out by the Universities of Crete, Marseille and Florence.

(Oikonomou Chrysa, Ms)
Chrysa was born and lived in Athens. She graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2010. She received her BSc in Greek Philology, specializing in Ancient Greek and Latin. She has tutored students of all ages, from six years old to adults, both in private and as a teaching staff member in two different schools. She has also attended seminars regarding special Education and learning difficulties. She joined the Greek school of Glasgow in January 2017, ending her tenure in May 2018.

(Peios Alkiviadis, Mr)

Alkis was born in Naoussa. He graduated from the University of Aegean, School of Humanities in 2012 with a Bed Primary Education Sciences. After his graduation he started teaching adults and children in private. He has tutored children helping them with all the primary lessons included in the national curriculum and immigrants adults teaching them Greek as a foreign language.  Alkis lives in Glasgow since May 2017, he has attained qualified teacher status (QTS:1745579) and joined the Greek School of Glasgow in September 2017.  He specializes in Cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning that includes contributions from Greek language-history-mythology. His tenure ended in June 2018, as he has now moved to Edinburgh taking up a full time post in Leith.

(Vlachaki Giota, Ms)

Giota was born in Thessaloniki. She graduated in 1999 from the University of Ioannina, with a degree in Primary School Education and in 2008 from the University of the Aegean with MSc "Women and Gender, Anthropological and Historical approaches", in the department of Social Anthropology and History. In 2011 she got a postgraduate certification in " Special Education"  from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Primary School Education. She is currently a PhD student in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. From 2001 until 2013 she served as a primary school teacher in Samos, Lesvos, Kavala and Thessaloniki. Giota joined the School in September 2017 and her tenure ended in June 2018, as she is awaiting a full-time appointment in the Glasgow Greater Area.

(Xenos Antonis, Mr)
Details about his interests and affiliations can be found on  Tony taught adult classes during academic session 2017/2018, but his other teaching commitments meant that his tenure came to an end in June 2018.