There are many disadvantages when it comes to the debate of newspapers going digital. This change can affect many aspects of both the newspaper industry itself, and the lives of the people who have been faithful to their newspapers throughout the years.

            One disadvantage of newspapers going digital is that the lack of consumers papers are receiving, is making it hard for the businesses to stay in the game (Farhi, 2008). Newspapers that have been around for years are going out of business because their customers are getting their news from the Internet and not having to pay for the physical paper. They are shutting down entire print processes due to a lack in funding. Another problem with the digital paper is that they can only receive money from ads posted on the website since it is available for free to anyone with Internet access (PBS, 2009)

            Some people are even directly affected by this new change towards being more advanced technologically. People that grew up during a certain time are accustomed to reading the paper every morning at breakfast. What will these people do when they don’t have the luxury of holding the paper in their hands to read? The tradition is being thrown away for the sake of everything becoming digital. The competition is now much fiercer due to the ability to receive news updates from any and all companies making the local paper less popular. Eventually, if the newspaper goes entirely to the web, those who don’t have Internet access will not be able, to in turn have access to the newspaper websites. Some elder people don’t take part in this age of technology that we have today. (CNN, 2009)

The people are also affected by all of the jobs that are being taken away due to the online newspaper craze. Many jobs are done away with due to the ease of posting news to the web. There is no need to have the reports sent to a printer, or have someone deliver the paper to all the distributers. The print companies and manufacturers are also losing their business from newspaper industries. Just moving newspapers to the Internet affects the amount of jobs available, and then if the company goes bankrupt, everyone is at risk of losing their job. That could possibly be affecting over one hundred people easily.

Another concern is the quality of the news reported on the Internet. Most stories printed in the paper are slaved over by eager reporters. Those who are right on the scene waiting to get a headlining story can now hear about it before it gets printed in the paper. Anyone has the ability to post on the Internet making it twice as hard to get the straight facts out to the public. It’s not the same kind of report when you’re reading about it online.

The Internet also has much more to offer than just the newspaper you are trying to view. People are usually multitasking, making it more difficult to concentrate on the story you are reading about. There are also links that end up leading you away from the original news site. You wouldn’t have this issue with the old fashioned paper. (Brenner & Granatino, 2011)

With all the disadvantages of the digital newspaper, you would think that they would consider staying with the traditional print paper. They must figure that since everything is turning to technology that they have to as well. From here on out, we will just have to see where the newspaper will go as it enters into the digital world of the Internet. 


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