Pianist 琴师

钢琴伴奏 金世元   Pianist Ms. Se-Won Kim

金世元女士来自韩国汉城。她的钢琴伴奏生涯起始于十三岁;在来美国以前,在一九九二年和一九九八年之间,她在Heavenly Voice Men’s Chorus和Jesus First Missionary Choir任伴奏的时候,曾多次到日本的东京和仙台市演出;到一九九九年为止,她连续十二年在Li Moon Dong Presbyterian Church任钢琴伴奏。从二零零零年开始,她伴奏的Dallas Christian Singers曾在Fox 4电视 台上多次被播出。二零零二年,她担任Plano Children’s Theater的伴奏,也为中学生的独奏、重奏音乐比赛中多次担任伴奏。现在,她在Garland市的Wesley United Methodist Korean Church担任伴奏已经有九年之久了。

金女士在享有盛名的Kyung-Hee University音乐学院获得作曲学士的学位之后,积极从事器乐和声乐的伴奏工作,为不同年龄和不同音乐程度的音乐人事服务。在一九九九年到二零零三年期间,她在University of North Texas学习爵士钢琴和音乐教育;二零零七年,她在Texas Woman’s University 以优异的成绩获得钢琴教育的硕士学位,师从Dr. Richard Shuster。

除了钢琴伴奏之外,金女士在教授钢琴方面也已经有了十五年的丰富经验。她以出色的领导成绩担任过汉城的Eden Piano Institute总裁的职务。近年来,金女士除了教她五岁的儿子学钢琴之外,她还收了三十多位门生。人们对于她的钢琴技巧和 乐感给于极高的评价;她在音乐方面的贡献,特别是对声乐和儿童钢琴教育方面的卓越成绩是有目共睹的

      Se-Won Kim, originally from SeoulKorea, started her accompanying career at the age of 13.  Before she came to the United States, up to 1999, she was an accompanist at Li Moon Dong Presbyterian Church for 12 years.  She also  accompanied the Heavenly Voice Men’s Chorus and Jesus First Missionary Choir, which performed three times in Tokyo and SandaiJapan between 1992 and 1998. Since 2000, she has accompanied the Dallas Christian Singers, which has had performances broadcast on “Fox 4”.  She was an accompanist of Plano Children’s Theater in 2002, and accompanies local middle school and high school students at annual Solo and Ensemble Festivals. She is also currently serving Wesley United Methodist Korean Church in Garland, where she has been for 9 years.

    She received her Bachelor in Music Composition from Kyung-Hee University, a highly respected music college in SeoulKorea.  In addition to these listed experiences, she has accompanied many other solo instrumentalists and vocalists at all ages and levels.  From 1999 to 2003, she studied jazz piano and music education at the University of North Texas and received a Master’s degree in Piano Pedagogy in Texas Woman’s University in 2007.  She studied there under Dr. Richard Shuster.

    In addition to her many services as an accompanist, Se-Won Kim has taught piano for over 15 years. She was a past president of Eden Piano Institute in SeoulKorea; and the organization was very successful during her leadership. Currently she is also teaching over 30 students in Carrollton, including her 5-year-old son Benjamin. She is widely respected for her skill, her enthusiasm, and her dedication to children’s piano education, choral support, and music in general.

钢琴伴奏 于 清    Pianist Mr. Bill Q. Yu


近年来,于先生积极参与亚裔社区的 音乐活动;特别在把中国古音乐和现代音乐介绍到美国的音乐界方面,他做出了卓越的贡献。他不仅多次举办了他个人的钢琴演奏音乐会,还组织了本地的音乐会和 文化交流活动。 

于先生是“达拉斯中国艺术家联谊协 会”的会长。在他繁忙的音乐事业中,除了在当地的演奏会上亮相以外,他还经常与中国的著名音乐家同台演出。不仅如此,他还经常身兼数职,既是召集人又是翻 译、一面当艺术指导还要上台演出。

Mr. Yu received his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in piano performance from the University of North Texas (UNT) in the later 1990’s, during which period he was also a recipient of prizes from several competitions nation-wide.  

In the more recent years, Mr. Yu has been actively involved in the music world of local Asian community.  He has contributed much of his time and talent in promoting and introducing Chinese traditional and modern music to the American public.  He has not only personally performed but also organized many of the local concerts and cultural events.

Mr. Yu’s currently the President of Dallas Chinese Artist Association.  His on-going local involvement in music not only keeps him busy as an organizer for many cultural events but also an active performer collaborating on the stage with famous artists from China.  For more than one occasions, he has taken the challenge of managing multi-tasks as an event organizer, language interpreter, stage coordinator, as well as performer, all at the same time.