How Can I be a Superhero?

There are SO many ways for you to be a Hero for the Open Door Clinic at the Great Cape Escape!
  1. Register for the run.  
    • All profits from this race go to support the Open Door Clinic.  You're a hero just for signing up!
  2. Bring a Posse on Saturday September 22nd to the Gerald Francis Center on Elon Campus. 
    • Teams not only make the race more fun, they bring in more funds for Open Door Clinic.  
    • Plus, they make you eligible for prizes (see "Prizes" for more information on how to qualify).
  3. Dress Like the Superhero You Are.  
    • Aside from the fact that dressing like a hero is fun and awesome, your costume makes others ask "Hey... why are all these runners dressed that way?", and the story of Open Door Clinic gets told again and again.  More awareness means more support for Open Door.
    • Plus, it means you are eligible to be considered for the "Best Costume" award (see "Prizes" for more information on how to qualify)

   photo by Emily Stone