About Open Door Clinic

The Open Door Clinic of Alamance County was created in 1990 by a group of doctors who acknowledged a need for quality healthcare for the uninsured. The clinic treats over 600 patients yearly and focuses on offering “free health care services with dignity, professionalism, and concern for the uninsured and indigent residents of Alamance County.” The clinic is a non-profit organization that offers healthcare and medication to qualified patients free of charge and is maintained solely on grants, fundraisers, and donations. The Physician Assistant program at Elon University maintains a close relationship with the Open Door Clinic; as students, we volunteer at the clinic and gain valuable hands-on, patient contact experience.  In turn, the clinic benefits from our help and provides patient-focused medical attention to our community.

The success of a non-profit organization is dependent on donations of time, effort and money from community supporters.  It also requires an abundant amount of financial support.  Our 5K/10K will serve as a fundraising opportunity to support the clinic financially and help to maintain its presence as a healthcare source for those less fortunate. We hope that you will partner with us and help support the Open Door Clinic! 

100% of the profits from The Great Cape Escape go to The Open Door Clinic.