About the gospel

The Gospel of Barnabas is a medieval gospel which some Muslims claim to be the Injil or the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Injil is the Arabic 

word for gospel. This gospel is definitely NOT the Injil because of many reasons, but the reason which should alert and awaken Muslims and 

non-Muslims is the fact that according to Islam all prophets of God came with the same message - that is, the beliefs they spoke of were the 

same although the laws and rituals may have been different.

This webpage is dedicated to dispelling the notion and belief that the Gospel of Barnabas is Islamic or that it espouses Islamic beliefs or that it 

is the Injil in any shape or form or that Muslims must believe in it.

After doing much research and publishing it under the title The Authenticity of the Gospel of Barnabas I have come to the conclusion that it is  

a fake and a forgery as well as contrary to Islam and its beliefs about Jesus and the Injil.