The Gathering Storm

Who is unable to see the menacing storm clouds gathering over the unholy lands? Like Hitler's Germany, which was preparing for war for a solid ten years, Iran is preparing for much the same. Saudi Arabia recently purchased 50 billion dollars worth of high tech jets from the US. Israel feeling threatened by this purchase, purchased an even higher plane from the US -the F35. Russia completed a sale of advanced weapons to Syria.  The clouds are gathering at a menacing pace and many believe the sun has been blocked out and that the days are growing darker.
As Jeffery Goldberg recently wrote in the Atlantic: the government of Benjamin Netanyahu wants it to be understood that, in the absence of an American decision to do so, Israel can and will mount an attack in the not-too-distant future. The keyword of the current anguished argument — the word existential — is thought by a strategic majority of Israel’s political and military leadership to apply in its fullest meaning. To them, an Iranian bomb is incompatible with the long-term survival of the Israeli state and even of the Jewish people. As an Auschwitz survivor said: if someone says they're going to kill you, believe them.
I am not Jewish, but I am an astute follower of world events. I do not identify with the radical Marxists of the NDP nor do i identify with the extreme right of the republican party, facetiosly referred to by Bill Mahr as the tea baggers. However  one does not need to be Jewish to have some understanding of the mindset of a people, who throughout their long painful history have been victims of violence, rape, murder, slave labor, scapegoat, extreme slander ,isolation, dehumanization, eviction, property confiscation and genocide. And throughout this those opposed to Israel claim not to be anti-Semitic claim to be concerned about human rights, claim to be pro peace, claim to be fair, claim to not be a bigot, a racist, or anything else which is contaminated in spirit. The truth of the matter is that when one blatantly takes sides in a dispute, their fig leaf can no longer hide the pitiful sight which lies just beneath the surface. Shame!!!