He's Running for the Highest Office in the Land. And he would truly be transformative. God help us!

He is at best an intellectual middleweight, and often speaks nonsense when he steers into deep political waters.   Colby Cosh

Just recently Trudeau was asked if the North Pole belonged to Canada. It was a simple question and should have received a simple "yes" for an answer. But much to the bewilderment of many, Mr. Trudeau said he would let scientists determine who owns the North Pole. The Russians argue that the Pole belongs to them because of a geological connection to a place in Russia. 

To use geological science as an argument for ownership has very interesting ramifications. The American's could argue that British Columbia and much of Alberta is their's because of the Rocky Mountain connection.  An independent Quebec could argue that much of New York State belongs to them because the Adirondack Mountains ( an extension of the Laurentian Mountains ) runs through it. Perhaps a scientific Trudeau living in an independent Quebec would try to reclaim New York.

Ladies Night or Trudeau Unplugged

During his infamous ladies night, Trudeau took questions from the floor.He was asked, other then Canada what other country he admired most. His answer again left listeners in a state of bewilderment. He sais he has a level of admiration for China's dictatorship.

Good Company Mr. Trudeau?

Trudeau recently learned that an admission to smoking dope 
automatically bars him from entry into the United States. He responded to a question on this assertion by saying he's be in good company with three other pot smoking Canadian politicians: Kathleen Wynne, Rob Ford and Darrell Dexter. With the exception of Dexter, both Ford and Wynne have heavy baggage stemming from scandal. And an entire encyclopedia could be written on Ford's private life gone public-cocaine allegations, associating with criminals, chasing a peeping Tom reporter from his property , etc. Does Trudeau wish to be defined via association with this group?


Trudeau's lack of comprehension came through loud and clear during an interview with Peter Mansbridge. When asked about the Boston Bombings, and what he would do as Prime Minister, Trudeau's thought process wandered about and he eventually postulated as to the root cause of terrorist behavior. In a word, according to Trudeau, exclusion is the cause of terrorism. 

Undeveloped Thinking

Trudeau claims that the middle class plays a determinant role in economic growth. “We need to learn what we have forgotten. That the key to growth, to opportunity, to progress, is a thriving middle class, he declared. A thriving middle class provides realistic hope and a ladder of opportunity for the less fortunate. A robust market for our businesses.” To be unfair, Trudeau likely isn't aware that once something's learned it can't be unlearned. But to be fair to the reader, we must ask ourselves what Trudeau thinks it is that we've forgotten? Trudeau never gets beyond the platitude, the topic sentence or the heading. In short his thinking seems remarkably undeveloped.

I'll Have it Done for Tomorrow

Trudeau is a never ending experience in procrastination, or "wait and see" or "don't rush me" or, "it will be here soon" , etc. At the end of parliament, he said the summer would be spent working on an economic statement. But when summer ended he he was asked for any indication of his views on the economy: he told his supporters — as he’s done since he entered the Liberal leadership race almost a year ago — to be patient. “It’s not something to reel off because people want answers,” Trudeau maintained. “My responsibility is to put forward a comprehensive, robust platform in 2015   Toronto Star

Like father Like Son? I think Not.

Those who are remotely familiar with the Trudeau family have always known that Justin Trudeau takes more after his mother than his father. 
Like Margaret, he is charming, sociable, warm and emotional, but even though he had a close relationship with his father, he didn’t inherit Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s steely determination, his sharp, cerebral mind, and certainly not his political judgment.
Lysiane GAGNON
The Globe and Mail
lundi 27 février 2012

Trudeau and mom-same brains, same hair, same smile, and same world view.

Trying to B.S. the Well Informed

Peter Mansbridge asked him if he leaned towards a Keynesian vision or Hayekian one for the economy. Here's his unbelievable answer:

I'm definitely someone who thinks the deficit should come down. I'd much rather be part of a government with a surplus than a deficit. But that doesn't mean I'm opposed to borrowing when we need to if we need to stimulate the economy. There's nothing wrong with going to the bank and taking out a loan of 1,000 bucks. If you spend it on a new flat-screen TV, that's different. If you go and invest it in your buddy's startup company out of his garage and he goes on to succeed. One way you'll have trouble paying down that debt and in another, you're going to profit from it and it keeps the economy rolling.

In a recent poll, August 2013, only 17% of Canadians saw Trudeau as the most competent of the four federal leaders.