April/May Edition 2016

Principal's Corner 

Hello Puma community,

Happy Summer! The year has gone by very quickly and we are at the end.
I want to thank everyone for making the 2015 – 2016 school year a great one for Gertz. Congratulations and good luck to all of our graduating seniors. We wish the best for you all. Come back and let us know how you are doing. Be safe over the break and we will see you all in August!

Mr. Waller

A message from the assistant principal

We have come to the end of another school year! This year has been full of many amazing things and I hope you all look back with fondness.  

I have always found this time of year special and a bit magical.  It is during this time that students take their final tests and teachers submit their final grades.  Finally, all the work is done and each of us transitions into the next stage of our lives.  Freshmen, you have one year under your belt and you're now sophomores!  Fantastic.  Sophomores, you've just finished half of your high school career.  Amazing.  Juniors, you are now the leaders of Gertz.  Incredible.  Seniors, you are officially college students.  Outstanding.  

Take a deep breath and be proud of what you've done.  I am proud of you all.  Great work Pumas!

Ms. Ollila 

Gertz's Community of Learners

Gertz-Ressler High School Shakey’s Night 

By: Diana H.,11th Grade

     On Friday, April 8th,several Gertz students attended Shakey’s Night, a night full of fun and excitement. Upon arrival, School Pumas welcomed everyone, introducing them to the Shakey's dining area. After seated, the waiter brought the pizza., which by the way was very scrumptious. Adding to the excitement, student government and Pumas encouraged Gertz family to enter a school hosted $1 raffle. With just a single dollar, there was an opportunity to win a $10 Starbucks gift card. While anxiously waiting to know who the raffle winner would be, more students and staff joined the fun. Finally, the raffle winner was announced. And the winner goes to...Gleenix, a 11th grade student! She won the $10 Starbucks gift card. Losing was not an option for the rest of the participants. They treated themselves to the arcade to continue the fun. 

Left to right: Gleenix G., 11th grade; Damaris G., 12th grade; Diana H., 11th grade are celebrating Shakey's Night.

Gertz-Ressler High School Elections

By: Jonathan L., 11th Grade

     As the semester begins to wind down, the Gertz community is not slowing down. Two current members from student government, Yvette C. and Anthony B. (11th grade) are running for school president for the 2016-2017 school year. Both candidates will be campaigning in the next couple of weeks to win votes from students.They will soon begin to debate. Participation in the election is important as the new president will influence the direction of the school. When election comes… Vote!!!

Watch and listen to speeches from the 2 candidates below.

Gertz Ressler High School Drama Act: Grease 
By: Diana H., 11th Grade 

  Drama back at it again, making Gertz have more school spirit. On May 26, the drama class performed the musical Grease after school in the gym. Students worked hard to memorize their lines and perfect their dance routine. In the end, the performers were outstanding. With a $0 budget for the production, students created props, costumes, and the backstage. Students also did their own make-up. The audience enjoyed the performance as witnessed by singing along and engaged throughout the entire show. With little mistakes here and there, the show was smooth and close to perfection. Grease, the musical, was exciting and memorable for both the actors and audience.


Gertz-Ressler High School College Career Presentations by Ninth Graders

By: Jonathan L., 11th Grade

    On Friday April 8th Ms. Tracy Ng's 9th grade College Seminar students presented their career projects. Families and students were invited to hear about various careers that the 9th graders are interested and plan to pursue. Some careers that were presented include programmers, artists, and designers. Aside from exploring possible future careers, students learned how to create videos using iMovie. Just in case you were not able to attend the event, below is one of many presentations.



Gertz-Ressler High School “HIIT the Beat” Event 

By: Jonathan L., 11th Grade

    Thursday April 7th marked a significant date for AP Biology students. AP Biology students hosted the first physical activity event, HIIT the BeatGertz students and families participated in physical activities led by AP Biology students. Participants were divided into four group levels: beginners, intermediate, heavy, and dance. Beginners participated in basic HIIT movements such as jumping jacks, squats, stretches and basic Yoga positions. Student facilitators transitioned into assisting participants to measure their body mass index (BMI) by using measuring tapes and weighing scales. The weight and waist measurement of participants were documented to be later calculated into BMI scores. HIIT brought self awareness to participants as they compared their BMI scores with the average requirement considering their height and gender. Beyond the calculated numbers, participants engaged in discussions that will help improve their BMI scores.

Left to right: Lexy L., Andrea A., and Maria C., 11th graders, are taking measurements of the waist during the "HIIT the Beat."

Gertz students and staff dancing led by Anthony H., sophomore and current AP Biology student.


Gertz-Ressler High School April Attack

By: Cindy C., 11th Grade

     It might be too late for March Madness, but we still have school spirit. April Attack is March Madness but in April. The event helps create school spirit in the Gertz community. This year students and staff were given the opportunity to participate in groups of 3 to 4 in either the soccer or basketball tournament. Many students teamed with staff members attempting to be crowned as the winning team. If the team wins, team members are awarded with a team custom t-shirt from student government. The skills that athletes brought to the basketball court or soccer field intensified the game. The energy from the fans encouraged the players to do their best. Not knowing who will advance to the next round, each game was nerve racking to watch. The majority of the matches had scores that were tied. After a month long of games, team Speedy Gonzalez consisting of 12th grade Marvin G., 9th grade Jackeline Z., 12th grade Hector R., and 12th grade Anthony G. took championship in soccer. In basketball, team TSC consisting of math teacher Mr. Livingston, math teacher Mr. Roller, and 10th grade Valerie V. won the tournament. A shout out to all the other teams and anyone that participated in April Attack.

Gertz-Ressler High School SRLA On The Move Once Again

By: Diana H., 11th Grade

     The student run LA (SRLA) team did not stop training on the day of the 26.2 marathon in February. In fact, it was not long before the team got back on its feet to prepare for another race ---- a half marathon around Griffith Park. Rather than feeling like 13 miles, the half marathon felt eternal, especially because the route was very intense. Hill after hill awaited the runner. The path to the finish line became more bumpy and no longer a smooth paved road. These new encountered obstacles did not stop the team from finishing. The whole team saw the finish line sooner than anticipated and reached victory. It was certain that this race was not an easy. Finishing this race showed the participants that they were determined and resilient. 

The medal that was awarded to the SRLA students that ran the half marathon throughout Griffith Park. 

Gertz Ressler High School Sports Banquet 
By: Diana H., 11th Grade

     Representing Gertz through sports is a privilege, not a right. Prioritizing academic, student athletes were able to maintain their academic grades and still successfully participate in one or several sports. On May 25th, a banquet was held to recognize the dedication and hard work of students. All athletes from soccer, basketball, cheer, SRLA, cross country, and swimming were invited to attend. The banquet could not have occurred without the participation of parents who brought the food and saw their child be recognized. Coaches started by recognizing all team members with a certificate. Then, selected student athletes were further awarded in the following category: most valuable player, most dedicated player, most improved, and most spirited, and best defender. Although not all students received awards, the attitude is that every sport had successes because of each player.