Hello and welcome to The Good and Bad Truth!

In this site you can see what bad things are happening in this world but most of all what is good: being able to stop them. This includes facts about what's happening to our world, tips about how you can help, and links to other websites that help the world. Also this site shows 1 shelter and 2 organizations that I find quite remarkable.

Note: this website is still in progress
Another Note: Please , if you are thinking about adopting a cat, vist www.tabbysplace.org and read what I have to say about Tabby's Place. They are a no-kill cat shelter that:
  • Leaves their cats in something like play-pens and allows cats to exit the play-pens into outdoor areas (AKA: cadge-free)
  • Is in memory of the owner's cat, Tabby who was succumbed to his cancer on September 15, 1999, four months after diagnosis. They miss him more than words can say. 
  • Was all started by the owners' personal money
  • Rescues cats in kill shelters about to be "put to sleep"
  • It is in 1100 US Highway 202
    Ringoes, NJ 08551
  • 1/3 of their cats are special need cats
  • Or vist 2000 spays and Nueters a spay and nueter program that also puts great cats up for Adoption. The last place to adopt a cat from that I recomend is Zani's Furry Friends. You caan also adopt dogs and rabbits there too. Remember to spay and nueter your pets.