Welcome to my Little World of Miniature Painting for your Tabletop Games.

Most of my miniatures are painted for use in gaming (Painted to Tabletop Standard) and this site is to show you my miniatures and maybe inspire you and give you ideas on how to paint your collection. Never be put off by all the Pro painted miniatures you would never use them in a game anyway and practice does make perfect. Paint because you love it, Play the games because you adore them and lose yourself in a world of Fantasy...

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On my Patreon page I do Tutorials, Video and have a whole host of commission tiers so you can have your miniatures painted for your Tabletop.

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Who is Michael Mordor?

I was born in Christ Church (Dorset)1971 with mixed origins, My Mothers side was from a French background and my Fathers side an Argentinian Background and I was brought up on a small farm In Claxby in Lincolnshire, England. being the 70s like most kids I was raised on board games like Monopoly, Cluedo and I started playing Chess at the age of Five.

I started Painting Miniature Aircraft and metal soldiers from seven and have been doing it ever since. My fascination and love of painting Fantasy miniatures started in the early 80s with Dungeons and Dragons, Citadel Miniatures and Grenadier, in later years I fell in love with Warhammer and Lord of the Rings miniatures by Games Workshop.

Now I paint miniatures from a whole host of fantastic miniature companies especially Reaper Miniatures and Mantic Games. I have Sponsorship and backing support from companies like Hero forge, Reaper Miniatures and Mantic Games too and they have helped me so much build my little painting business into what it is Today.

I have won many awards over the years for my painting but it was only in 2016 I started my own miniature Painting Business and now I ship Painted miniatures World wide every month.

#Goblinpaint Motivational support to paint your Minis from the Goblin King.

Finding it hard to get the motivation to paint all your miniatures, when you join my patreon http://patreon.com/Michael_Mordor for as little as $1 a month you can join the Goblin Army on the Weekly quest to paint two miniatures a Week after every eight Weeks you will be rewarded with a certificate signed by the Goblin King and you will raise in the ranks of the Goblin Army.

Ranks are:

1. Lance Corporal

2. Corporal.

3. Sergeant.

4. Staff Sergeant.

5. Captain (officer)

6. General (Officer)

7. Supreme Goblin Commander

The Challenges get harder for each rank you make it too.

Monthly Reaper Miniatures/Mantic Games Painting Competition.

Every Month on I have a Monthly Painting Competition. Full rules can be found on this Website on Twitter @goblin_mordor @mordorpaint my Patreon page http://patreon.com/Michael_Mordor The Competition is FREE and is for Amateur/Hobbyists.

This Competition is now closed on Twitter but will be coming back and will be for Patrons only. New Trophies are being designed at this very moment.

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