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1.1.0 (beta)

GLUEMan 1.1 Beta Release Notes

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 What's New?
2.1 Client
2.2 Provider
3 Platform Support
4 Bug Fixes
5 Migration Notes

1 Introduction

This document introduces GLUEMan 1.0 Beta and explains what has changed since the first public release (GLUEMan 1.0 Alfa).
Chapter 1 describes what is new in this release. Chapter 2 discusses bugs fixed by this release. Chapter 3 explains how to migrate providers developed with earlier versions.

2 What's New?

This chapter covers new capabilities introduced by GLUEMan 1.0 Beta.


First of all we discuss what has changed on the Client since the last release.

1) added parameter configuration at command line
example of a glueman-client invocation

glueman-client -u USER -p PASSWORD -l PROVIDER_HOST

by default xml output rendering is chosen and information is printed on screen. If you want to change and to receive information in ldif rendering printed on a file called FILE.ldif type the following command

glueman-client -u USER -p PASSWORD -l PROVIDER_HOST -f ldif -o FILE.ldif

For all the information about glueman-client options please type:

glueman-client -h

2) introduced SQL Rendering
It has been introduced a new class called SQLOutput which is resposible for the serialization of the information received by glueman-provider in a SQL format.
SQL rendering is not a definitive version.

3) the log.conf file has been eliminated and the debug level now is set on client.conf file
Beta version of glueman-client uses only a configuration file called client.conf. You can modify it following the instruction in the installation page.

4) caching mechanism implementation client side
In order to minimize the traffic network the new release of glueman-client has a cache mechanism.
glueman-client in addition to write data on the screen or on a file put them in a cache file as well, each file has a different extension according to the different format requested.
If a user makes more then a query in less than TTL time, glueman-client do not make other queries to glueman-provider, but simply reads the cache file and writes its content on the screen or on the file specified by the user.
The names of the cache file are:


5) XML Rendering updated to latest draft of GLUE2 Specification

6) introduced the use case when no provider are returned by the server side
Please check the log file to know if there are any problems with the request of GLUE instances.

7) client documentation updated and inserted into rpm
Installation guide of glueman-client is now inserted into rpm package.

8) logger updating by logrotate
We have introduced a logrotate configuration file to handle too large log files, by default the rotation is done on 6 different log files but the configuration can be changed.

9) unique call implemented
The Client receives by a unique call all instances from the provider, this has been reached refactoring the client main algorithm in the way to avoid multiple requests.


Now what has changed on provider.

1) static attribute configuration file static.conf introduced
Now the system administrator is able to write its own static attributes for any instance on a single file called static.conf.
For each instance he wants to create he has to define the instance class name, the identifier and the static attributes, when the client do a request to the provider the system merges data from the static.conf file and the cache file and creates for each id an unique instance, the information providers scripts send in output only the dynamic attributes and they're able to use the static file to retrieve information useful to do queries on the underlying system.

2) complete refactoring of the createInstance and createAssociations methods to allow merging between cache and static template files

3) date print out on logger modified
Now the logger have been configured to print out the date in the format year-month-hour and not only with the timestamp.

4) mof aligned with GLUE2 standard (last draft)

5) introduced GLUE2 namespace, now created by rpm at installation time
During installation a GLUE2 folder is created into the Pegasus repository with the internal folders: classes, instances, qualifiers.
Now to register the library we need to specify the namespace:
regmod -n GLUE2 -c -i /usr/lib/Pegasus/providers/libGLUE2.so

6) the log.conf file has been eliminated and the debug level now is set on provider.conf file

7) logger updating by logrotate
We have introduced a logrotate configuration file to handle too large log files.

8) mof storage classes and concrete providers introduced
We have inserted also the Storage Classes of the GLUE2 schema into the mof file and we have built new providers.

9) real Glite information providers created for some classes
New real providers have been created for classes ComputingEndpoint, ComputingResource, ComputingShare.

10) provider documentation updated and inserted into rpm

11) glueman.tar.gz file with new demo providers has been inserted into the release

12) example storage providers insterted into glueman.tar.gz.

13) link providers have been deleted and links have been implemented by properties into the mof classes, the client main algorithm has been modified

3 Platform Support

GLUEMan 1.0 Beta Version supports the following platforms.
Linux CERN Scientific Edition V4

4 Bug Fixes

This release fixes the bugs described below.

1) bugfix timeout management for the provider

2) bugfix logger creation and appender removal for duplications of log messages, now the logger is written correctly

3) duplication check for keys and instances, now it's created only the last instance which overwrite the preceeding and a warning is emitted

4) check on instance creation if required qualifiers are not set
If a Required attribute or a key has not been set the Instance will not be created, this is valid also for link instances.

5) bugfix instance creation if default conf file is not present, now the
instances will be created anyway if something is written into the static file.

5 Migration Notes

When install glueman and you've already a old glueman version installed you have to uninstall everything before absolutely:

1) uninstall glueman old version

2) uninstall cimple

3) uninstall pegasus

4) reinstall pegasus (set pegasus acces.conf file and enableHttpConnection), cimple and glueman

5) register again the providers (regmod -n GLUE2 /usr/lib/Pegasus/libGLUE2.so)

Rememer that glueman-provider doesn't overwrite your providers in /opt/glueman/, so you have to save them and to cancel the providers folder.
The software will create a new glueman.tar.gz folder and you have to untar this into /opt/glueman to have the new samples providers.
In this version will be created also a static.conf file into /opt/glueman/ which is the template file for the administrator.