Many "Black-Hat" SEO tactics are used by low quality, unprofessional developers. The goal is to try and obtain site traffic quickly. Most major search engine providers do not approve of buying links. Article writing, Blog posting, Facebook, Twitter, and other social interactive sites generate natural links. Some forums allow signature links and allow tags in posts. Age of a domain usually ranks it higher than a new registered domain but with good content and authoritarian links, a webmaster can obtain good PR (page rank) and web exposure for their site.

Simply adding low or no PR site links to a page does not generally help in search engine findings. If the sites linked have totally different content, a website can experience a de-value in search place rankings.

Web masters should always obtain the right to remove their link if a previous linked site no longer is an asset for linking. This can happen with domain name owner ship transfer or website content has completely changed.

Checking your links can be a major chore for webmasters with many sites. Use Analytics to watch traffic and any great change in numbers. Web master tools show links for each website once they are authorized. Check for broken links and meta tag problems for quick trouble shooting. Crawl rates are usually auto generated. Check with bot if available in your tools. For further problems, check with Google web master tools.

Here is a couple of backlinks you can use on your web pages to help your SEO.

The output will look like the text:


Copy code in your website html editor and save.

<p><a target="_blank" title="GlobeGenius" href=""><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><b>GlobeGenius</b></span></a></p>

Text output:


Copy code in your website html editor and save.

<p><a target="_blank" title="DomainSearchEngineOptimization" href=""><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><b>DomainSearchEngineOptimization</b></span></a></p>

If you study the examples you can see the similarities and the differences in the code. Experiment replacing the domain name or out put text to create your own back links you can share with others.

Text and banner linking to our domain name registry. Links are in homepage footer at

Alternatively you can use the code below.

Text output:

Find your domain name

Copy code:

<a href=""><b>Find your domain name</b></a>

Banner linking image:

Join blogs or forums that have related site content. For example:

Good Bait is a new site I have. I made a profile at Take Me Fishing and then added it to the good bait site.

This is another way you can "back-link".

(search engine optimization) resource. Search engines will rank a website according to how many links spider the page and the quality of links. Auto generated links are usually found and websites are punished by being removed and or blocked by major search engine robots.

De-indexing of website and all related pages can happen. A robot txt. file can be made and used if certain pages of a website are to be excluded from search engine returns. Creating Natural-White-hat links are best for search optimization and site credibility.

Using Word Press is a good way to get natural links. Example:

Globe Genius on Word press Permalink can be added to various sites or blogs that you use.

Back links are a great SEO

Copy code:

<a href=''><img src='' title='HOSTNHUB' border="0"></a>

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