Helpful Websites for Global Scholars

Use these websites for your research, daily practice or general interest.  
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Geography  YAHOO WORLD FACT BOOK Great source to find information about countries around the World  
History I HAVE A DREAM SPEECH Audio and text of Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech. 
ELA DAILY GRAMMAR PRACTICE  Great source to practice the foundations of writing. 
ELA SPELLING BEE PRACTICE TEST A great website that will quiz you on your spelling skills! 
History FACTS ABOUT RECONSTRUCTION  This great site from the Library of Congress focuses on Africa-Americans and how they dealt with Reconstruction and its effects on society as a whole. 
History KU KLUX KLAN & JIM CROW PBS site that gives a brief overview of the Ku Klux Klan and their impact during the Jim Crow era. 
Math MATH PRACTICE QUIZ Great website for math practice for 5th grade level as well as middle school level problems. 
ELA SPELLING CITY Great website to practice spellings words that also includes spelling games. 
Science  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FOR KIDS Great all around science and social studies site in student friendly language.  
Science  Plant Survival Summary Summary and Quiz on Plant Survival (roots, stems, leaves) 
ELA Spelling Bee Tips and Tricks (w/WORDS) This is a great document that will teach you the tricks of the trade when it comes to the Spelling Bee. Be sure you learn more than just the spelling. Know the word origins of each word!!!!!! 
ELA INFO TEXT Probe (A) Discovery Probe practice test on informational text. 
ELA INFO TEXT Probe (B) Discovery Probe test prep practice for Informational text 
ELA INFO TEXT Probe (C) Discovery Probe for test prep practice on informational text 
ELA LANGUAGE PROBE (A) Language Probe for test prep practice on word study and grammar. 
ELA LANGUAGE PROBE (B) Discovery Practice test for test prep word study and grammar. 
Math NUMBER SENSE PROBE (A) Discovery Probe for test prep practice focused on number sense.  
Math NUMBER SENSE Probe (B) Discovery Probe for number sense test prep practice. 
Math NUMBER SENSE PROBE (C) Discovery Probe for Number Sense test prep practice. 
Math GEOMETRY PROBE (A) Discovery Probe focused on geometry test prep. 
Math GEOMETRY PROBE (B) Discovery Practice for geometry test prep. 
ELA  Ch'i-lin Purse Info Page Great site with vocabulary words and summaries. 
Science  Asian Animals Site Great website to research animals found in Asia. 
Science  National Zoo Asian Animal Trial Page This is a page from the National Zoo website focused on Asian Animals. 
ELA Common Core Standard READING Common Core Standards for Reading  
Math Common Core Standards Math Common Core Standards for math 
ELA THE RAVEN The narrative poem "The Raven" by E.A. Poe 
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