STEP ONE: We will first create groups of FIVE (5) students.  Together, you will research different utopias, aside from the one mentioned in The Giver.  Use the links below to research the different examples of utopias.  As you're looking at the utopias, discuss as a group the aspects you like and dislike.  Create a Glog based on one of these societies (follow the model below).

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STEP TWO: Now that you've viewed other utopias, it is time to start planning/brainstorming the utopia you will be creating as a group.  In your group, please discuss and answer the following questions:

  1. What kind of government should exist in your perfect society?
  2. What should the education system be like?
  3. How should the community members receive medical care?
  4. What kind of money should be used (if any) and how would it be distributed to community members?
  5. What kind of recreational activities should be available to community members and how would they participate?

STEP THREE: Within your groups, you will each decide on a role.  Think of each role as the "who's who" in the group.  Each group member will be responsible for the completion of one of the following roles:

  • LEADER - The leader is responsible for the team's progress and is the messenger between the team and the teacher. You will be in charge of making sure that the team is working together cooperatively and collaborating/compromising, especially during the planning stages. You will need to ensure your group mates are on task.  You will also be responsible for the type of government that will exist in your utopia (refer to question #1 above).
  • DEVELOPER - The developer is responsible for mapping out the community, almost like the group's architect.  You will be responsible for creating a map that shows your society's natural resources, buildings, houses, roads, etc. You will be responsible for drawing out the community design.
  • PLANNER - The planner will be responsible for two major aspects of your community: education and medicine (refer to questions 2 & 3 above).  The planner will be responsible for designing the community's education and health systems.
  • ACCOUNTANT - The accountant is the team expert on your society's finance & currency. You will be responsible for deciding which monetary system to use and how the money will be generated and distributed. You will also be repsonsible for designing the money and coins, if this type of currency is used (refer to question #4 above).
  • RECREATION DIRECTOR - The recreation director is responsible for deciding which leisure activities will be available to the members of the community (somewhat like Asher's role in The Giver). You will be responsible for designing activities the community will enjoy and decide how they will be implemented.  

STEP FOUR: Once you have assigned the roles, you will be responsible for completing the following tasks:

  1. LEADER: Draw a flow chart that describes your utopian government.  What type of government will you use?  Explain the role of each member in the government.
  2. DEVELOPER: Draw a map of what your community will look like.  This may include things such as bodies of water, public buildings, parks, houses, parking, schools, medical buildings, recreational areas, etc.  
  3. PLANNER: Create a graphic organizer that shows what your education system will look like.  Include information such as: how many years of schooling students will attend, school hours, subjects that will be taught at each level, teachers, etc.
  4. PLANNER: Create a graphic organizer showing how and where community members will receive health care.  You may create medical forms or health care cards, if you wish. Include information on who provides the care, what kind of care the community members can receive, and where residents should go if they need to be cared for.
  5. ACCOUNTANT: Create examples of the money your society will be using.  Also include a chart or a graphic organizer showing how money will be used and distributed amongst the community members.  If you are not using money, explain how you society members will use goods and services, or barter for other goods.
  6. RECREATION DIRECTOR: List and describe the different types of recreational activities that will be available to community members (adults and children).  You will need to create a schedule for each day of the week, which will include the hours of the day and what community members are responsible for doing at that time.
  7. WHOLE GROUP: Before presenting, be sure to review all of your graphic organizers (charts, posters, booklets, brochures, etc.) to ensure everything is labeled clearly.  Be sure that EACH group member writes his or her initials on their independent work in the upper or lower right hand corner.
*If you want something laminated, please be sure to ask (especially the money and health care cards).


STEP FIVE: Presentation!!  The last part of your WebQuest will be planning your presentation, ensuring that all members of your group (and their roles) are represented equally.  You will present based on your community roles:

  • LEADER - Describe how the government works in your utopian community.  Be sure to mention the laws of your community, how they are enforced, and what repercussions residents face if they do not obey the laws.  Be sure to show the audience any visuals you may have.
  • DEVELOPER - Present and describe the map of your society.  Describe the layout of your community and why you planned/mapped it in that manner.  Be sure to show the audience any visuals you may have.
  • PLANNER - Explain how the education and health care systems work in your community and explain the reasoning behind your decisions.  Be sure to show the audience any visuals you may have.
  • ACCOUNTANT - If your society used money, please show the audience what it looks like.  Explain how money is generated and distributed amongst residents.  If money does not exist in your community, explain how the people of your community receive goods and services.  Be sure to show the audience any visuals you may have.
  • RECREATION DIRECTOR - Explain the leisure activities that are available to the community.  Describe how community members will participate in these activities.  Lastly, describe the schedule you created for your residents. Be sure to show the audience any visuals you may have.
Each presentation will last approximately 10-15 minutes for each group.  You may present whichever way you choose - PowerPoint, Prezi, Glogster, posters & other visuals, etc.