Different Types of Plagiarism

           There are six main types of plagiarism. These six are Full, Partial, Minimalistic, Mosaic, Source, and Self Plagiarism.
             Full Plagiarism is when you would take the text originally as you found it, there would be no editing or adding in any of your ideas, just the original authors.This is more commonly known as complete plagiarism-since you are taking the authors words in a complete form, not adding your own words to  the author's words.
             The second form is partial plagiarism.This is when a person takes work from a multiple amount of authors and jus paraphrases text from those authors without doing the actual research. What happens most often is that people will copy things like sentence structure and change certain vocabulary terms for different words that would still make sense in the context of the text.
                The third form of plagiarism is Minimalistic plagiarism. This is when a person will do exactly what they did in partial plagiarism, but they will try to make the plagiarizing more discreet by changing up the sentence structure, and using different terms that are synonyms with the authors terms that fit in with the context of the actual text.
                The fourth type of plagiarism is Mosaic plagiarism. It is said that mosaic plagiarism usually occurs when people aren’t educated about plagiarism . What occurs in mosaic plagiarism is a person switches around the sentence structure, but doesn’t change the author’s words. Mosaic plagiarism is also common among students who are naive and aren’t aware of what they’re doing.   
                The next form of plagiarism is source plagiarism. What occurs in source plagiarism is when a person makes an indication to the words not being theirs, for example using quotation marks. If the person does not write out the author’s name, or where the information came from, it is considered source plagiarism.
                    The final form of plagiarism is called self plagiarism. It may seem illogical, but there is such thing as self plagiarizing. An example could be turning in the same paper to two totally different classes and having minor alterations on the both of them. On an even larger scale, a person can publish two books on different topics, and have the text of the books not so subtly different.
                      Plagiarism has many forms, but that doesn’t make it right. When you are in a position  where you think you may be plagiarizing, stop and check if its worth it.

  - Nebat Ali

Photo Source: Wesley Bedrosian