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  • CFP: Close Reading: Kunstliteratur der Neuzeit (Konstanz, 6-7 Jul 16) Konstanz, 06. - 07.07.2016 Deadline: Apr 25, 2016   "Close Reading: Kunstliteratur der Neuzeit"   2. Studientag des Arbeitskreises Niederländische Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte (ANKK e.V.)   6. / 7. Juli 2016, Universität ...
    Posted 6 Apr 2016, 06:35 by John Tzortzakakis
  • VASARI @ SANTA CROCE Florence, Cenacolo di Santa Croce, March 3 - 04, 2016   VASARI @ SANTA CROCE An international conference sponsored by the Medici Archive Project, Opera di Santa Croce, Syracuse University in Florence, and ...
    Posted 31 Jan 2016, 06:55 by John Tzortzakakis
  • Vasari at Santa Croce We’re pleased to announce that the program for the “Vasari at Santa Croce” Conference which will take place in Florence in March 3rd and 4th has been announced. We ...
    Posted 29 Jan 2016, 06:40 by John Tzortzakakis
  • Concordancing the Vite of Vasari - Towards a Vasarian Dictionary / A preliminary art history study in digital era How many words did Vasari know by 1568? He certainly knew a lot, indeed! How many times did he used certain words? How many types of a word he included ...
    Posted 24 Jan 2016, 09:19 by John Tzortzakakis
  • Véronique Mérieux - Les Vies de Giorgio Vasari : la première (tendancieuse) Histoire des arts méditerranéens Date23/02/2016 - 17:00 - 19:00LieuBibliothèque Nucéra23 février 2016 – Auditorium Louis Nucera de Nice (entrée libre et gratuite)Véronique Mérieux - Les Vies de Giorgio Vasari ...
    Posted 24 Jan 2016, 09:16 by John Tzortzakakis
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Giorgio Vasari (Arezzo, 30 July 1511 – Florence, 27 June 1574) has been considered one of the founding members of history of art. The corpus of his work consists a basic, or better the most basic, part in the education of an art historian; and a fundamental tool in the quiver of a renaissance scholar.  

The Giorgio Vasari Project aims primarily to act as an open access and collaborative (participative) repository of references, sources and resources; a starting point of research for art history and renaissance studies. 

Its main scope lays into collecting, for further research and reference, all literature on Vasari - the painter, the architect, the writer, the historical and political figure - and his work. 

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