Activities Based on The Graveyard Book

Creative Writing Prompt: A Walk Through the Graveyard
Although Neil Gaiman's cemetery in the novel is made up, he did based his imaginary graveyard after a real graveyard in London called Highland Cemetery. Click on this image of Highgate Cemetery's Egyptian Avenue (photo property of BBC) to watch a video. Try to image what it might be like walking through a cemetery like this during the day? What might it be like at night? Be specific and use adjectives when describing what you feel, smell, hear, and see.
You can use this worksheet to jot down your thoughts as you watch the clip.

Writing Prompt: A Fill-in-the-Blank Book Report
Sometimes when we finish reading a book, we have a lot to say about it! Did "The Graveyard Book" make you want to share? This fill-in-the-blank book report from lets you talk about what happened in the story and share your opinions of the book with a friend, teacher, librarian, or classmate.

Graveyard Cartography

Nobody Owens had a lot of friends (and a few not-quite-friends) in the graveyard where he lived with his adopted parents. Use this blank worksheet to make a map of the graveyard with Eliza's grave, Silas' chaple, the Owens' crypt, the chamber where The Sleer lives, and as many other locations as you can remember. You can use the map key to mark locations with unique symbols, such as a skull or a book. For an extra challenge, don't write any of the names of the locations next to the symbols and see if a friend can guess what each map marker is.

Graveyard Comics
Neil Gaiman doesn't just write novels, he is also well known for his graphic novels or comics. Pretend you are Neil Gaiman but instead of writing "The Graveyard Book" as a novel, you decided to make it a comic. Print out as many pages of the blank comic as you need to recreate your favorite scene and draw it as a comic. For an added challenge you can draw a scene that didn't actually happen but could have, or write a scene from the point of view of another character (writing "thought" bubbles as well as talk bubbles can make this easier). If you want to work as a team, one person can be the artist and one person can draw the dialogue. Be sure to leave plenty of room for talk and thought bubbles!