That Awesome Bread

All Sandwiches are available on :
Fresh or Toasted Hard Roll, White, Wheat, Rye, Pumpernickel,  White or Wheat Wrap,  Gluten Free Bagel, or Gluten Free Fresh Baked White Bread.
Wedges, Wraps, and G.F. Choices...  Please add $1.00.
Our Traditional Breads are Baked Fresh Daily by Stamford's Famous "Beldotti Bakery"  located about 1/4 mile from us at 605 Newfield Avenue, Stamford, Ct  Phone (203) 348 - 9029. Beldotti's Baked Goods are the ony Non Gluten Free Items in the Entire Store and are kept in a separate area from all other Gluten Free Products.
Our Gluten Free White Bread is Baked Every Morning on Site.
Due to Popular demand; We now sell whole Loaves of our G.F. Bread with Two Day Notice.
Also Due to many Requests; We now sell Whole Loaves of Our Gluten Free Banana Bread with Two Day Notice.