Inquiry Based Learning for The Geography of Food

By Mrs Audrey Koh, Miss Ish with Sec 3 Band 1 Geograpers
A group of Secondary 3 students armed with a dedicated mission to discover new knowledge entered various supermarkets to inquire about The Geography of Food.
The Geography of Food is a field of human geography that is concerned with the production, consumption and supply chains of food. (
Applying the methods of an Inquiry Approach, they
  • got curious
  • started asking questions
  • formulated Hypothesis
  • collated primary and secondary data
  • seeked answers and from there, asked more questions as they THOUGHT ABOUT THINKING.
  • analysed what they seen, heard and researched.
  • (we hoped) HAD FUN :)
Here are the pictures of their group presentations
Note: Results are final.


 Names of Students

 Content (15)

 Oral Presentation (10)

 Creativity/Originality (5)

 Combinted Total (30)

 Remarks (if any)


Khia Woon,Junie,HongXuan,Pheobe,SiJia,Joey

 11.5  7  3.5  22

Good questions asked E.g. Are ELDCs the main exporters of biscuits? Some conceptual misunderstandings.E.g. Malaysia focus on export may not be due to low national demand. But rather, the ability to acquire foreign exchange earnings. Interesting jig saw presentation to wrap up the presentation.

 2  KwanTyng,ChiaYien,HueiMin,XiaoYing,WeiXiang,SayHao  9  8  4  21  Creative "Complain Cereal Box".Interesting History on how cereals came about.Provided much data, however will need to use them better by relating them to concepts via hypothesis. E.g. one question to ask could be - Since cereal is not so embedded in American culture, would cereals be considered a staple food for them? Then, would people in Asia feel like wise? Why and why not?
 3  Zhe Kai,Chloe,Regina,Clara,QingHao  14  8  4  26  Detailed analysis of the nutritional value of chocolate. Good tabulation of comparative pxs of similar food products sold in different places and questioned why.Great use of relevant concepts e.g. globalization,affordability/purchasing power,global SS&dd of chocolate.and recognised limitations of own research.
 4  Su Chii,Charlotte,Shermin,JiaYan,Eileen,Lynette  13  5.5  2  20.5 Good use of concepts like staple food, food security. Questions asked were also thought provoking. Group members need to work on oral skills.
 5  Dylan,Paul,Jun Hui,Zheng Hui,Kai Ping  13  7  3  23 (18 - minus 5 for late submission)  Great use of concepts. Indepth research evident. Liked the questions on What are the effects after the invention of instant noodles and how it also affected ELDCs and EMDCs and how globalization affects the development of Instant Noodles.
 6  Eugene,Jarryl,GuoSheng,YingJie,ChongWei  14  6.5  3.5  24  Very detailed research done on various fruits. Exciting questions asked on ELDCs and EMDCs. Data e.g. pie charts included to support hypothesis. Explanations were even linked to concepts from the Topic of Development! Good work!
 7.  Yunjie, Bryan,Jeslyn,lemuel,chikiat,HweeTing  9  9  2  20  Some good speakers in the group! Would be even better if all students have their turn in the oral presentation. Good research done on the history of the company. Would have been better if more concepts were employed.