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Kegel Pelvic Exercise Weights

Stress incontinence is best illustrated by women who "leak when they laugh or run". It is very common in women over 40 (about one in three) and especially so if the woman has had children.

Stress incontinence is caused by poor tone in the pelvic floor muscles which are unable to basically exert enough pressure on the ureter. The cure is to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. But traditionally pelvic floor exercises are difficult and awkward to do (as many woman will tell you).

There are two types of pelvic exerciser available. One type is a kind of sprung device which you have to work closed, the other is with pelvic weights which you basically pop into your vagina and try to keep in place.

Weights tend to be favoured as they are easier to use.

One of the additional benefits of a strong pelvic floor is an improved sex life.

The weights we sell have the widest range of weights available and the highest top weight on the market. They are also bright and colourful. The packaging could be better and we are working on that at the moment.
Bill Fryer,
5 May 2010, 13:00
Bill Fryer,
5 May 2010, 13:01