Gem Cutting School

Learn to take a colored pebble and make a sparking gemstone.

This is a three week program in the Art of Faceting that will take a person new to gemstone cutting to a professional cutter. You will be taught techniques I developed for each stone you cut that saves time and make easier to implement. You will use a professional cutting machine.

If you enjoying working with your hands and have the desire to cut gemstones, you will be an excellent student at my school. Make this your life's work or simply a profitable hobby.

The first week is basic commercial cuts in:

Standard Round Brilliant

Emerald Cut

Oval Brilliant

Marquise Brilliant

Pear Brilliant


These five gemstones were cut by a student at my school in the first week.

The second week is designer cuts call Barion Cuts:

Antique Cushion Cut

Hex or Octagonal Brilliant

Square Brilliant

Ember Cut

Triangle Cushion

After the second week you will be able to read all cutting diagrams. 

The third week is gemstone repair, cutting & polishing all hardness of stones.

At the end of three weeks, you will get information on companies hiring gemstone cutters.

These sites are former students

General Information:
All materials are supplied in class
You will keep all stones you cut
School Investment: $800/week
Deposit of $125/week
This school runs each week, call to schedule a class.
Weekends are available.