Onsite Therapy

At my office I offer individual therapy.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is suggested for persons who have difficulties with those whom they surround themselves with -partners, children, parents, employers, friends- and want to work on how to change their own internal structures. Persons who have decided to take responsibility of their own difficulties and shortcomings, instead of blaming it on others, are those who benefit from this kind of therapy.

Persons who are in a period of transition in their lives- the birth of a child, a divorce, relocation due to work or other circumstances, work promotion, a new career path- obtain positive results from individual therapy.

Individual therapy is beneficial in order to work on the most profound traumas of daily life. I define trauma as a wound that leaves some kind of physical, moral, emotional or mental consequence. The most frequent traumas that I have been able to assist my patients with include sexual, physical, psychological or verbal abuse during childhood, adolescence or adulthood.

I have also worked with victims of crime, aerial catastrophes, terrorism in the U.S. and the world, and victims of human trafficking.

Individual therapy is extremely effective for persons with dilemmas to resolve like defining their sexual orientation, career path, marriage, divorce, etc.

Lastly, individual therapy can be extremely effective to endure work/business related issues, educational difficulties, creative block, etc.