Online Therapy

“Online therapy has started to become an important part of my daily activities as a psychologist and therapist” – Bibiana Geller, LCSW

One of the objectives of this site is to facilitate psychological services online.

The advancement of the Internet and the ease of online communication offer us new modes by which to conduct quality virtual therapy with those who would like to solve their problems.

Today patients rely on using more communication tools with their therapist. E-mails, chat, video therapy through Skype and the phone are tools that allow more fluid communication and more effective resolutions to conflict.

Confidentiality is part of all psychological treatment, no matter how it is conducted. Confidentiality will always be respected to the utmost degree in accordance with New York State law, of which I am licensed.

Most common reasons to use online therapy include:                                                                                              

·         Residing far away from my office.

·         Extensive work hours.

·         Personal or work related reasons that limit ones schedule to engage in therapy.

·         Difficulties in reaching my office due to medical reasons or psychological impediments such as phobias, fear of intimacy, anxiety, etc.

·         The patient is an avid user of technology.

The therapy can be conducted by:

·         Internet with a microphone (Skype, MSN)

·         Chat (net camera or microphone)

·         E-mail

·         Phone

The way to set up an online consultation is the following:                                                                                        

·                 1)  Fill out the online form with all personal information, specify available days and hours, country or State from which the patient is communicating (in order to calculate time difference), the mode by which to communicate (phone, Skype, E-mail, Facebook chat, etc.)

·         2) A confirmation e-mail will be sent with established hours.

·         3) Payment for the first consultation is done by credit card or PayPal

·         4) The first consultation is conducted. If an agreement on further treatment is made the person can buy more weekly individual weekly sessions or packages.