BIBIANA GELLER, LCSW, MA received her Master’s in Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Throughout her studies she worked with adolescents and children in educational programs. She also completed internships at the Borda Mental Health Hospital, in the city of Buenos Aires.

Ms. Geller completed a post-graduate program in Human Resources at the University of Economics of the University of Buenos Aires.

Upon her arrival in the United States, Ms. Geller continued her professional training with a Master’s in Clinical Social Work at New York University. During this time, Ms. Geller also worked at the Metropolitan Center for Mental Health. At the center she practiced individual and group therapy with patients of all ages and nationalities.

After six years of working for the Metropolitan Center for Mental Health she was hired by the Crime Victims Treatment Center at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan. There she developed an international program for crime victims. She also developed support groups for female victims of domestic violence violence conducted in both English and Spanish. This project gave her the opportunity to collaborate with different consulates including those of Mexico, El Salvador and Ecuador. Upon her departure from the Crime Victims Treatment Center at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, Ms. Geller was awarded an Honorable Mention for Excellence for the work she did with immigrants in relation to issues of victimization.

Bibiana Geller, LCSW, MA maintains a private practice where she helps many individuals find solutions to their daily problems and alleviate their sadness, anxieties and worries.