Two Interior Design Trends That Will Alienate Buyers

Getting a property ready for sale is a markedly different job to designing a home for the everyday. The rules apply to both commercial developments such as condos and to your regular house.

An open bathroom with rose gold fittings might rate highly on sites like Pinterest, but in the property sales world, this can be deal-breaker for potential home buyers that are seeking a timeless as well as a practical property. 

My advice is simply steer clear of the below top  buyer pet peeves when you are preparing your home for the market. 

Bathrooms That Are Impractical

Colourful and elaborate bathrooms might have always been the rage in most design magazines, however, in the real world this look is rarely mirrored in the housing market.

When prospective buyers are inspecting a home, most of them look for bathrooms that are practical and offer very low maintenance.

According to managing director of RPM Real Estate Rodney Morley says one of the biggest  buyer turn-off is “the new trend of open showers immediately adjacent to baths”.

“Every time you have a shower you need to wipe down the bath,” he says. 

This also applies placing bathrooms in every corner of the house or ensuites for every bedroom. Who has time or the inclination to clean that many bathrooms? 

Buyers agent for Good Deeds Property Buyers Michelle May, says that a maximum of two and a half bathrooms which consist of a main bathroom,

and separate toilet,  is more than enough for a four-bedroom home. She says, “rather than squeezing in yet another bathroom, use the space for a study with storage or a well-designed spacious laundry instead. Your buyers will love you for it.”


Pink Pink and More Pink Everywhere

Pink may have made a comeback since the eighties and  may be the colour of the day, however, too much pink runs the risk of alienating many buyers. 

“We would advise you to use it sparingly,” says Sara Chamberlain, who is the director of The Real Estate Stylist. In fact, the use of any colour that is used too much is not desirable either.


“It’s important to understand that males and females are different in how they react to a space. Typically, a style that is too frilly, too pink and too sparkly will be isolating to some buyers, and you never want to cut out part of the market.”

Don’t paint using a pale pink feature wall in the living room. Try instead injecting splashes of this colour through decor items such as vases or featured paintings than can easily be changed and updated. I have seen some commercial buildings where the foyers were bright pinks and blues which can be a huge turn off for a lot of buyers. they will see those colours every time they leave or come home to their apartments.

“You can bring in the latest trend through decoration – cushions, home wares, accessories – that a buyer knows can be changed,” she says.