Soccer Tennis


What is it?

Soccer tennis is a soccer-specific game that also combines aspects of tennis and volleyball. It's a game that challenges instincts and technical skills among players of all ages. It is best played on a tennis court (but not in soccer cleats). It can be played with 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 (this site does not include rules for 3 vs 3).

Soccer players often want a break from the repetitive drills. It is well known that a soccer player's first touch on the ball is an essential technique that an individual needs to improve on in the game of soccer.  To put simply, if one doesn't have a good first touch, it's very hard to excel in competitive soccer.  How is your first touch? An effective method to improve one's first touch is to include it in a fun, game with a setting with little or no pressure from opponents (a no contact sport).  That is precisely why players and coaches all around the world invented the hybrid game. Now what may have started off as a unique, fun and technical drill has now gained popularity as a competitive game in the soccer world: the game of Soccer Tennis.


Soccer Tennis:

  • Develops precise first touch on the ball
  • Develops quick reaction and anticipation¬†
  • Increases overall soccer coordination
  • Increases communication skills
  • Offers numerous repetitions for increased learning
  • Enhances creativity and soccer IQ
  • Forces players to properly and intelligently use different parts of their body (including thigh, feet, head, and chest)