The Galactican - Visual Effects (VFX)

Visual Effects (VFX) will be a major aspect of The Galactican
However, VFX is both time-consuming and expensive to render.
 Therefore, we intend to maximize our VFX spend by designing the shots meticulously
and design the shots in such a way that they can be used, and then slightly modified
and used again in other episodes.

The Galactican won't be overloaded with VFX shots as the audience will be drawn more to the characters
and the engaging storylines. It is important to have a balance between the action and VFX in the show.

By Post-producing the entire show in the United Kingdom will give us direct access to 
Award-winning VFX Houses such as:

Framestore (

Moving Picture Company (MPC)(

Cinesite (

Double Negative (D-Neg)(

Method Studios (

The VFX Teams task will be to create a realistic and credible future. 
One that the audience can easily visualize and identify with.