Sound Track

The Soundtrack will be one of the key aspects to the marketing 
and lucrative income streams to the entire franchise.

There are three primary components to the franchise Soundtrack.
Contemporary 20th & 21st Century Pop & Rock
Futuristic Music
Classical Music
Music from the last 60 years will still be available in the future, in some format or another. 
The Bounty Hunter is essentially a Retro-Rocker and his favorite music is from this current generation. 
This would also allow the audience to identify with the Character much easier.
This will allow the Soundtrack Producer to attract contemporary Bands to provide music for episodes of the show. 
The Soundtrack Producer will obtain the song rights to legendary names such as; 
 AC/DCDavid Bowie, Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, U2, Bruce Springsteen, etc. 
Additionally, some of the Singing Talent will be invited to perform cameo performances in the series.

Four hundred years from now there will be various types of Music available to the general public. 
This will be part of the challenge by our Music Team to work with New Bands to create this new sound.
Justin Bieber,, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rhianna, etc.

Classical music will continue to endure the test of time, therefore, there will be classical composition on the Soundtrack 
 and aim for to achieve a similar impacJohn Williams had with the Oscar Winning Star Wars franchise.
We will also invite legendary Opera Star  Andrea Bocelli to sing on The Galactican album.
Our Composer is the multi-Award-winning Composer and Conductor, John Altman