The Galactican - Product Placement

The Product Placement for the Film and TV Series will be strategic 
and our Brand Management Team will operate in the following manner..

Stage 1

In Pre-production for The Galactican we will create a marketing package that respective Marketing Directors 
can easily assess the quality and commercial value of the franchise (We will only use products that can easily 
fit into the production design of the show). Therefore, we will approach leading high profile International Brands
with a vested interest in the future, i.e. Amazon. This is a technology company that spends many millions 
of dollars every year on media exposure on various platforms, yet every marketing dollar must be accounted for.

Stage 2

Once in agreement, we then approach their design division and invite them to create Props that are still only at a prototype stage 
or invite them to work with our Production Design team to develop their ideas further, at their cost. 
The Producers will then approve the designs, in conjunction with the Creative Team of the Brand, and then negotiate a fee 
for use of the product. There may even be a joint venture on a specific marketing strategy which would involve their product.

Stage 3

When filming is complete, the Marketing Management & Senior Management from Amazon will be invited to various VIP Screenings. 
Once The Galactican TV Series is for sale to International Television Channels, the Sales Teams at the various TV Channels 
may then approach Amazon to invite them to Advertise during the run of The Galactican season on their channel. 
The Management of the respective Brands will already be fully aware of The Galactican, therefore the 
prospect of agreeing to buy adverting at the TV Channel may prove more likely. 
Other leading global brands to be considered, inc. Google, Warner Bros. Virgin Galactic...

Nike, Adidas, Reebok, SAP, HSBC Bank, UPS, and so on...

The various product placements shall not be glaring adverts for the respective Brands, 
but will be subtly added to the high production values of our futuristic vision, 
e.g, Coca-cola in Blade Runner.