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Kruger - Outline

Kruger is a Mark-1 Cyborg

He was previously a soldier, the adaptation to Cyborg was voluntary and financed by the Army in order to make him a more powerful adversary. However, the modifications were quickly outdated by more efficient limbs, but by then it was all too late. 

He has a low mental capacity, made even worse by a direct hit from a magnum cannon, which resulted in a titanium plate in his head 
as well as one in his chest and shoulder blades, forming the ultimate bulletproof jacket. 

Yet despite his lack of intelligence, Kruger compensates with brute strength. His robotic arm can punch a hole through a solid wall and his powerful hydraulic legs can crush or kick with deadly force. However, he is utterly stupid. His many plans and schemes always end in farce, with luck and desperation his only way out on many occasions. 

As a child Kruger was a typical bully, which intensified into his adulthood. His ego is enormous and he's devoid of any sense of humor. 
His phobias include water, due to the crude electronics in his arm. If any liquid seeps into the vulnerable electronic system, his limbs malfunction. Kruger's family disowned him early in his career as a villain, yet he never seemed destined for anything greater 
than armed robberies. He has killed, yet they tend to be members of his own gang, either accidentally through incompetent 
planning, or deliberately if they challenge his leadership. 

His body has taken a battering over the years, which is apparent by the number of holes in his artificial skin. 
Sometimes his arm operates independently, causing damage to those nearby or to himself. 

The bounty on his head has grown steadily over the years and has reached an adequate amount for 
Galactican and Caprice to now intervene and hunt him down.

Richard Britain,
18 Jan 2013, 08:02