The Galactican - Casting

Casting the role of the Bounty Hunter, and all the other roles for the Film, TV Series & 
Video game will be dealt with by experienced Casting Directors who will interact with leading 
Talent Agencies in Los Angeles and UK & Europe. 

There are several recurring roles that would attract A-List Talent, based on the high levels of 
Writing & Directing Talent we expect to bring to the entire franchise. 
Many A-List Film Actors are currently working in Television, due to the higher productions values.
By producing The Galactican as both a Pilot/Feature Film and an International Television Series, 
we anticipate engaging significant Acting Talent for the various roles.

Filming on location in the UK & Tenerife may also be a factor when attracting leading Talent, Above & Below-the-line
(See our Casting Suggestions pages for a selection of Actors suitable for some of the respective roles).

Some Actors may be eligible for more than one role, which increases our likelihood of signing them. 
However, all Casting suggestions will be subject to several factors that currently cannot be determined. 

Gillian Hawser is a leading UK based Casting Director with an extensive track record of over 100 credits to her name. 
She will be involved with casting some of the UK Talent.