We have already approached NASA to be the official Technical Consultants. We will include 

NASA's current and future plans for the colonization of the Moon & Mars, as well as Space Stations & Space Hotels. 

( Many of these elements are already incorporated into the story-lines.)

We intend to give the family audiences an informed view of the future, rather than a TV Show that is purely fictional. By incorporating 

    science-facts we will be able to provide an informed view of mankind’s inevitable future, as well as some ideas on how to improve it.

We want The Galactican to provide a plausible view of the future so that younger members of our audience have the opportunity 

to be educated and inspired to take some of these ideas further, once they are in a position to do so. Unlike other Sci-fi TV Shows, our 

story-lines are more dramatic, so it will be important to provide the global audiences with some contemporary cultural references 

they can identify with. The Galactican has lots of action and high concept content, but we believe it’s important to have a 

more genuine perspective than presenting just science fiction. James Cameron has previously used this to great effect in both Avatar and Aliens.

We intend to appeal to established Star Wars & Star Trek fans by providing our audience with an intelligent and entertaining 

Sci-fi concept, enveloped in action-packed and dramatic stories that attract a new younger audienceThe authenticity that NASA 

and JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) will provide may also help us win an even larger mature international audience.

We also intend using the astonishing images of the solar system and universe from the Hubble Telescope.        


                  Additionally, we will invite the Teams from Blue Origin, Space X, Virgin Galactic, etc, 
 to provide insight into their projects and promote these companies and the prospect of 
Space Tourism. Several episodes of the TV Series already refer to Space Hotels 
and the colonization of the Moon and Mars.