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The Galactican will become a dedicated brand for various merchandising associated with the show, 
as this can be a significant income for the franchise. Similar to how the merchandising for Star Wars exceeded the 
Box Office revenues, we could attempt the same, especially with the Video Gaming market so dominant at the moment. 

Creating a video game that genuinely challenges the Gamers with state-of-the-art graphics and functionality, while engaging 
them sufficiently at either a single player or multi-player level. By utilizing the model used by the makers of The Matrix, we aim to 
have scenes of The Galactican specially filmed for the game in order to create a photo-realistic game for all the family.
By having different versions; e.g. for Children under 10, Children over 10, and Adults, it will be possible to maximise the gaming revenues.
Additional merchandising will include; Toys, Clothing, and many other point-of-sale items, through various licensing agreements.  


Our main criteria will be quality. We aim to provide our Fans & Customers with high-value products that will endure. 
By creating a diverse range that will allow Parents and Children to purchase with confidence 
knowing they will receive excellent value for money.

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