The Galacitcan franchise comprises of a Feature-length Pilot (Movie) & Television Series
The Movie and TV Series is expected to be filmed entirely in High Definition
and released Theatrically in 2-D & 3-D, and the TV Series aired globally in HD.

We will endeavor to provide Sci-Fi fans with original insightful challenging content. 
Additional Writers will be engaged to rewrite some characterizations and develop scenes,
allowing the audience to travel into space with the characters on each thrilling adventure.

Our strategy is to release a Feature Film and use it to promote a high-quality TV Series.
As the Movie/Pilot goes to DVD & Blu-ray release, and online Streaming, the TV Series is aired internationally.
(Once 3-D Television has become mainstream, the show could be re-released in 3-D format).
At the end of season one, a Special Edition Box Set with be available for Collectors. 

By filming the Feature-length Movie/Pilot and TV Series simultaneously will save production costs
and allow the Producers to negotiate with high-quality Talent, based on the duration of the shoot.

We intend to repeat this production model with another Feature Film and a second TV series,
this time with a different theme, incorporating new story-lines, yet retaining some of the same characters.

The Galactican will ideally have a total of three seasons, with a Theatrically released Movie ahead of each series.
Then, as an epic climatic finale, a big budget Feature Film to end.
(Although there will be the potential for spin-off projects, subject to popular demand).

The Galactican will also be fully interactive with the very latest Internet innovation. 
As more viewers turn to mobile and remote viewing through their PDA and Laptops, 
our entire franchise will be fully compliant with this rapidly growing technology trend.