Concept & Treatment

In the Future...over four hundred years from now, mankind has made the transition into space.
Space Stations and Space Hotels now orbit the earth, whilst the Moon has been colonized for
centuries. The quest for Space has been aggressive as entire Nations and Corporations 
race for the lucrative mining rights. Mars is in the final stages of being terraformed & colonized, 
and rapidly evolving into a thriving metropolis, as more and more people leave earth in search of a life on the new frontier. 

However, with such diverse and rapid expansion, crime has increased and it has become harder for the authorities 
 to police the entire solar system. Therefore, Bounty Hunting has been legalised to cope with the increase in crime. 
Although Bounty Hunting is illegal on Earth, Bounty Hunters are free to roam the solar system in search of wanted Criminals. 
This has lead to increased tensions between the Police and Bounty Hunting Agencies, 
as the Law is now administered in a more unorthodox and random manner. 

The Villains of the future have become more sophisticated and brutal. 
Space Pirates are known to be merciless, while some Criminals have taken to modifying their bodies to become 
Cyborgs, or technically enhanced in some way, making them extremely dangerous and often lethal.
The Galactican is a Bounty Hunter with a formidable reputation of being capable of capturing or killing the 
Outlaws he pursues. Although Bounty Hunting has been legalised in order to stem the swell of criminal activity of the
frontier of known space, they remain treated as outcasts by the authorities on Earth and Mars, and the other colonies in the 
solar system. Largely due to the nature of their work and the large financial incentives they are paid for a bounty.

However, this suits Galactican's style, he is a loner and driven by a deep sense of justice he inherited from his Father, Dan.
He has been influenced by 20th Century culture and this reflects in his spaceship, The Eagle, a retro-fitted Space Shuttle. 

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