Cancer Ribbons

Awareness Ribbons: Wearing In Honor of Cancer Ribbons

Cancer ribbons are worn in the signature criss cross presentation on a mens and women's lapel to support and raise awareness to specific diseases. The cancer ribbons are also worn at the funeral or memorial service especially if the death was a result of a specific disease or cancer.

The Funeral Program Site specializes in the creation of memorial ribbons offered in every cause and color. We offer the best ribbon imprinting because we create our own designs! From our line of personalized in loving memory apparel collection of personalized double-faced satin awareness ribbons raise awareness for a worthy cause, cancer, organizations, or diseases. You can also choose to create your own ribbon for your personalized cause or memory.

Cancer ribbons can be worn any day of the year. When discussing dogs and cancer, there are certain things a dog owner should be aware of. On average, there are over 70 million dogs in the United States, and one in three of those will die from cancer.

Older dogs used to be the only ones you heard of being affected by cancer, but as degenerative diseases go as well, the young and old have the same chances of these experiences. Now cancer is more common in older dogs simply because newer veterinary medicine is helping to lengthen a dog's life drastically, and this gives statistics that show dog cancer on the rise the wrong information and can be misleading. Simply because studies show more cases of cancer does not necessarily mean there are more dogs dying. Cancer only accounts for fifty percent of dog mortality in pets over 10 years old.

There are 3 groups of dog and cancer: Carcinomas that are found in the skin and internal body surfaces in the epithelial cells; sarcomas that are responsible for being in the skeletal, muscular and connective tissues and reproductive tissues; and lymphomas that attack the lymphatic system. There has been an increase in claims of fatty acids having a part in major clinical applications such as cardiovascular disease and wound healing as well as renal disease and dermatitis. Normal Omega-3 fatty acids are used to stop growth of cancerous cells, and pets that are fed higher doses of fish oil have an easier go of controlling the cancer.

The omega 6 fats make the ideal spot for cancer to grow, as it stimulates the growth by helping to decrease the immune system to cancer. Still, the best thing is to always keep a good balance of Omega-6 fatty acids that can be found in things such as chicken fat and corns, as they help with skin and coat as well as membrane structures. Even with the downsides to the fatty acids, they should stay a part of a regular diet for your dog.

Cancer Ribbons
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Cancer Ribbons

Tip#4: Maintain your health

Even though you've cancer, it's crucial you do not disregard or forget about health issues or any symptoms you could have. Certainly, cancer is a bigger health issue but remember to constantly examine yourself for some other health conditions which might manifest while you're focused on your cancer. With that, take vitamins and go through preventive treatments including vaccines or shots so you can steer clear of other illnesses which may complicate your cancer.

Cancer Ribbons
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