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We are not currently accepting trade-in books on Monday or Tuesday of each week. We are accepting Wednesday through Saturday during regular business hours.

Thank you for your understanding!

General Policy

We are primarily a paperback fiction bookstore.  That said, we regularly accept both paperbacks and hardbacks in good condition, and are always interested in hardback classics and non-fiction as well as comics, graphic novels, manga, audio books, and some antiquarian editions. The only books that we are NOT currently accepting are Hardback books without their jackets (paper covers that come on the new books) and Serial Romance (i.e. the numbered series as distributed by Silhouette/Harlequin), or magazines and newspapers.

WE DO NOT PURCHASE BOOKS FOR CASH, the only exception to this rule are College level text books. These are on a case by case basis and have to be brought to the store for inspection before a quote can be given. In some cases the customer might be asked to return when the owner is present so that proper inspection and quote can be given. The average pay out for college text books ranges from 10% to 20% of the value. The Frugal Bookworm reserves the right to turn away any materials solely at the staffs discretion.

Trade Policy

On books offered for trade, we will “pay” twenty-five percent (25%) for paperbacks accepted and ten percent (10%) for hardbacks. Any collectible or Antiquarian books brought in for credit are assigned a credit value on a case by case basis solely at the discretion of staff. The total amount will be credited to an account in your name which will be maintained at the Frugal Bookworm. No card, paper receipts, or records will be required of you, the customer. Book Credit may be redeemed immediately and will be held in your name indefinitely.  All you need in order to access your credit balance is knowledge of the name and phone number used to set up the account.

Book credit may be applied to sales of any used books (paperback, hardback, comic/graphic novel or audio book) in store with the exception of books specified as Collectibles or Antiquarian.  You do not have to bring in a certain type of book to purchase that type of book.  Your credit applies to ALL used books regardless of genre or author. 

Book Credit may not be used to purchase New books, Sale books, Collectibles, or Gift ware.  On check out, your credit will pay half the total of used books purchased, the other half to be paid by customer at check out.   Sales tax must be collected on all trade transactions by Oklahoma State Law and this tax amount will be included in the paid portion of each transaction.

While we allow unlimited items to be left with us, those who wish to trade a large quantity of books should expect to leave them for later processing.  Please let us know on drop-off what you would like us to do with any books that we cannot use.  We will be happy to either return them to you, if you like, but we donate what we do not use to the Blue Star Mothers and other local organizations. If you request that remaining books be returned to you, please be prompt in returning for pickup.  Books that are not picked up within 5 days after you are contacted may be donated at the next pick-up and will not be available for return.

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